Historical Uses of Industrial Hemp

Historical Uses of Industrial Hemp: From Ropes to The Building Materials

Throughout the annals of history, hemp has etched its mark as a versatile, very important and indispensable crop, offering and providing a plethora of benefits to societies throughout the whole world. This article delves into the rich history and tapestry of hemp’s different applications, tracing its origins in ancient civilizations and highlighting its enduring relevance … Read more

Smoking VS. Edibles

Smoking VS. Edibles: Weighing The Pros and Cons of Different CBD Consumption Methods

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has continued to gain huge popularity in the wellness and health sector because of its therapeutic benefits to users. Even though it is extracted from the marijuana plant, it doesn’t have the psychoactive properties that are majorly found in marijuana because it lacks tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This simple reason has made it gain … Read more

Guidance For CBD Newbies: Tips and Precautions For First-Time CBD Gummy Users

Guidance For CBD Newbies: Tips and Precautions For First-Time CBD Gummy Users

CBD (Cannabidiol) in recent times has gained very significant attention for its ability and potential health and the wellness benefits, such as anxiety relief and improved sleep. As more and more people seek to experience these benefits, a myriad of CBD products, including gummies, have become available in the market. If you are considering trying … Read more

The Evolution of CBD Regulations

The Evolution of CBD Regulations: Anticipated Changes in The Next Five Years

CBD, or Cannabidiol, has seen massive growth and a surge in popularity over the past decade. Originally taken from ‘Industrial hemp’, also known by its very Latin name, Cannabis sativa L, CBD’s growth has also brought with it the need for clear and very concise regulations. This article is trying to look into the current … Read more

How To Make CBD Oil Taste Better

How To Make CBD Oil Taste Better

One thing that cannot be denied about CBD oil is how it can be palatable and at the same time provide therapeutic benefits. Though the taste can be polarizing and some people might not like the taste, while others find it bearable. Now, you must be wondering what CBD oil taste like or how you … Read more

DIY CBD: Recipes, Methods, and Legal Considerations

DIY CBD: Recipes, Methods, and Legal Considerations

Did you know that adding CBD to your food will not only make it delicious but also healthy for you? The increasing acceptance of cannabidiol (CBD) has led to it being a part of our day-to-day routine, especially using it for making dishes. If you are thinking about making your own CBD products at home … Read more

The Growing World of CBD Cosmetics

The Growing World of CBD Cosmetics: Trends and Innovations

The realm and business of beauty and cosmetics are always evolving, particularly as technology and global demands control their direction. While the information provided does not directly mention CBD cosmetics, there is a wealth of knowledge and information about beauty trends and innovations that hint at broader and wider patterns and systems of consumption and … Read more

How to Choose Quality CBD Products in Ireland

How to Choose Quality CBD Products in Ireland

Knowing how to choose the best CBD products that are of the best quality is very important. With how CBD (Cannabidiol) has gained popularity because of their benefits, you can tap into the booming variety of products in the market in Ireland. But you should know that not all CBD products have great quality because … Read more

New Chairperson for Citizens’ Assembly on Drug use

Paul Reid’s Appointment As Chairperson Of The Citizens’ Assembly on Drug use Draws Varied Reactions The government of Ireland selected the former Health Service Executive CEO Paul Reid as the chairperson of the recently set-up Citizens’ Assembly on Drug use. Towards the end of February, the Citizens’ Assembly on Drugs Use was set up after … Read more

Irish Court Prosecutions To Resume As Europe Flip-Flops on CBD Status

Europe’s indecisiveness regarding the status of CBD is allowing the Irish government to arbitrarily go after the country’s CBD and hemp industry, reports have suggested. In the coming weeks, a new wave of prosecutions of CBD and hemp consumers and businesses is expected to start in the Irish justice system after the European Commission refused … Read more