Dogs and CBD – FAQs

CBD  has gained massive popularity even outside the cannabis community in the past several years. But there’s a lot that most people do not know about and this FAQ is meant to address that.

So, What is CBD?

Also referred to as cannabidiol, CBD is one of the many compounds found in the marijuana or industrial hemp plant. It is extracted and used for either supplementary or medicinal purposes. Most CBD products are in the Full Spectrum CBD. This is an extract that’s widely recognized and grown for its higher concentration in terpenes. These are naturally occurring fragrance molecules present in a wide array of plants. They are responsible for the unique musky smell and taste of cannabis. Also, terpenes are believed to boost the effects of cannabidiol and the other cannabinoids present in cannabis Sativa L.

The smell of lavender alone is usually enough to put you in a calm mood. This is due to the presence of linalool, which is the terpene responsible for lavender’s distinct smell. Here are other benefits. 

Another type of CBD is extracted from Phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. This has a less concentration of terpenes in comparison to full-spectrum CBD. However, it comes with the advantage of having more of the original compounds found in the plant. This allows for all the compounds to be used in harmony, helping the body absorb the oil in a more efficient and effective manner. When you need Vitamin C, a supplement works fine, but it’s generally known that it is better to eat oranges, where vitamin C is found naturally.

Here is a good guide on the dosage for dogs. 

The human body is designed to process naturally occurring vitamin C and better knows how to extract nutrients from natural sources. Well, your dog’s body operates in a similar manner. When you feed it oil with a phytocannabinoid profile, it will have an easier time leveraging what it requires from the product. This is why you can give your dog CBD

If you’re interested, here is how to give cbd to your dog.