A Guide to Using Cannabidiol as a Supplement

People all over the globe are finally waking up to the realisation that not all cannabis compounds are bad for you. Most of us are now aware that we can extract this chemical bounty from a marijuana plant and filter it into a compound that doesn’t make us high – but still gives us all of the  wellbeing benefits associated with this, one of natures’ earliest supplements.

If we accept it is beneficially, and that CBD based Oil is a wise choice in supplementation in a hectic world, then next logical question is how we go about taking it.

The Million Methods For Imbibing CBD

OK, so we exaggerated a little, but there are many, ways that you can ingest your daily dose of CBD goodness. Rest assured that none of them involve anything invasive. Just like most supplements, Cannabidiol is usually taken orally but there are a few factors that can change that. In fact, the method by which you use your CBD supplements is causally related to the desired result.

For example: if you have sprained your ankle, a topical cream is best used. This will apply the natural healing enzymes of the CBD directly to the point of issue. On the other hand, if you have an upset stomach, CBD cream isn’t going to do the job. You will likely need an oral supplement to meet your needs.

Bioavailability is another factor to consider. If we break the word down it is easier to understand. ‘bio- ‘as in ‘affecting or of the body’ and ‘availability’ – in other words, how much CBD is available for your body to use. When you swallow this oil the bioavailability goes down because most of the goodness is lost to the digestive system. When you use a spray that dissolves on the tongue, however, it has saturated your capillaries and gone directly into the bloodstream. This makes for a better bioavailability to your CBD supplements.

Some of the best known methods of CBD supplementation are:

  • Oil or drops placed under the tongue and held there for around 20 seconds
  • Sprays which separate the CBD molecules as they are emitted
  • Topical creams, balms, or butters
  • Capsules, tablets, or otherwise pill form
  • Vaping either with a cigarette or a vaporizer
  • Edible CBD, from gummies to chocolate

However, even with the above methods being as extensive as they are, new ones are being discovered every day. Did you know you can get CBD for your dog nowadays? That’s right! Dogs have an endocannabinoid system too!

Let’s talk about what conditions are best suited to what supplementation style, to try and work out the best way to take your CBD is, for you.Cannabidiol supplement

Should you Use CBD?

Oil is exactly what it sounds like. It comes in a little bottle with a dropper. You can add it to your tea, food, or just take it straight. If you‘d like to gain maximum bioavailability, you ought to put it directly under your tongue and hold it there for around 20 seconds. This gives it the best chance of being absorbed into the bloodstream without being immediately digested.

Those who chose to use CBD supplements in oil form are typically in need of internal relief.


  • If taken correctly, provides fast effects
  • Works internally
  • Fairly good bioavailability


  • Some is still lost to digestion
  • People don’t like the feel of oil in the mouth

Would CBD Spray Suit You Better?

It’s highly possible that you prefer the spray based off the oily residue that drops can leave in the mouth. Sprays have only recently arrived on the market and are focused towards maximising the bioavailability of the CBD. It does this by dispersing the drops through the spray mechanism, which breaks the formula down into its smallest molecules. These then absorb through the skin faster, with less lost to digestion.

To take the spray add one or two pumps a day to water, tea, or any foods. You can also use it like a breath spray to no harm.


  • Maximum bioavailability of CBD
  • Easy to use
  • can be used topically or orally


  • Exceedingly strong terpene taste

Topical Creams and Balms for CBD Supplementation

Creams and balms are applied like any other relief, hot or cold, or cream. Apply it to the surface of the wounded area, being careful not to use it on broken skin. Those that choose to use CBD as a balm, cream, or ointment, often used to treat a skin condition or a sprain

Apply as directed, straight onto the skin. Let it absorb naturally without rubbing it all the way in. Creams and balms should be used for external injuries only.


  • Can be applied straight to the source the issue
  • It is the least conspicuous way to take CBD
  • It will often moisturise as it works


  • This method offers the least bioavailability
  • Oils, ointments, creams, and balms can leave a residue

cananbis farm cannabidiol supplement

Are CBD Edibles the Best Way To Take My Supplement?

If you often take medications and are used to swallowing pills, it is no trouble to add CBD to your daily prescription. We would ask that you consult your doctor if using gummies in conjunction with other medications, though. Capsules often contain a little oil, that is easier to swallow since you don’t have that residue in your mouth.

Tablets are often used by those that have internal problems they want treated, but who don’t enjoy the taste of oil or spray. Unfortunately, quite a lot of the goodness of the CBD will be lost to digestion.


  • Simple to take
  • No oily feeling
  • Tasteless


  • only one step above topical creams for bioavailability
  • Not all capsules are vegan, check the labelling carefully if this applies to you

What About using the Vaporiser?

It only seems to be those that are extremely serious about their CBD intake that opt to buy a full-scale vaporiser. However, recent times has seen the rise of the E-cigarette, some of which can be used as a CBD vaporiser, should you find the right E-liquid.

This method bypasses both the taste and the residue factors and is becoming increasingly popular among younger generations.


  • If you are a smoker, this is recommended. Use it instead of nicotine products to quit
  • Bypasses taste and residue factors
  • Seemingly ok – more research needed


  • It’s still smoking, and no form of smoking is good for you
  • Parts an equipment add to the cost of supplementation

Should I Take CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are the peak point for those that are sceptical.  Gummies or chocolate eaten after dinner in the evening acts as your sweet while simultaneously winding you down for sleep. They don’t make you high, taste of nothing but sugar, and fulfil two cravings at once. They are probably the closest thing you will get to a sweet snack.

CBD edibles are not suited to diabetics or those watching their weight. They can be used for all internal and external uses of CBD, but be careful of the calorific values…


  • The best tasting way to take CBD
  • Make supplementation exciting
  • Bypass the taste and texture issues


  • Some of the CBD will be lost in your digestive system
  • You might eat them all in one sitting, typically three gummies per day is the recommended dose of CBD

Rounding Up

We hope we have managed to provide some clarity into how you should take CBD, should you decide to start supplementing. The best advice possible is that you don’t worry too much about things like bioavailability to begin with. Try a few different products until you find the right one for you. If you can, we suggest starting with the gummies and working your way up from there.

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