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What to Consider when Buying CBD Oil in Ireland

1.  Extraction Method: The CO2 extraction process is the one that most people consider the best method of extracting CBD or CBG oil from the plant, allowing you to get the best quality oil. This creates a high-quality product, but can also mean that it costs a bit more.

2.  Organic and Non-GMO: Organic products mean that you’ll be getting a product that’s devoid of  fertilizer, solvents, pesticides, and herbicides. Your purchase is better for the environment and better for your body.

3. Full Spectrum CBD: A plant extract that is labeled as full spectrum carries a large range of cannabinoids, meaning that you get an extract that is able to reduce pain and limit inflammation. You get a broader spectrum effect as the extract also contains an enhanced terpene profile, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and protein. All of these elements combine for a much higher quality product that is more generally effective.

4. CBD Concentration: Be sure that the company lists the percentage of cannabinoids their CBD products contain. A full analysis is best, either listed out on the website or included in their packaging.

It’s important to do your research about any CBD product. Be sure to carefully read all third party laboratory results, so that you know what’s inside of your hemp extract. This also applies to other products like capsules,  gummies, and CBD vapes. It’s important to know which brand you’re purchasing and where it stands on the list so that you can be sure of the quality of the product that you’re consuming on an ongoing basis.

We explained all this and more, inside our guide to the Frequently Asked Questions that go hand-in-hand with CBD.

Full Spectrum Vs. Isolate CBD

You may have noticed that the product range that we have on offer is available in 2 versions, Full Spectrum and Isolate. The reason behind this has to do with suggestions from science and our belief that the human body can absorb things faster and better when products are in their purest and most natural form.
When it comes to CBD, this translates into consuming other cannabinoids and terpenes that are present in hemp plants. This is what is available in our “whole-plant” or Full Spectrum product. If however, you are concerned about having to take a drug test while you are at work, the THC-free, CBD-only Isolate is regarded as a safer option since many of these tests are looking for THC. Neither of these products will “get you high”, but we wanted to offer more options to suit everyone.

How to Take Cannabidiol

CBD easily absorbs into your blood directly from areas under the tongue which are capillary-rich areas, and along the cheeks and gums. From here, the CBD bypasses the first-pass metabolism and is sent quickly throughout the body. 


This method makes sure CBD enters your bloodstream a lot faster when compared to swallowing. The sublingual (under the tongue) is typically faster than the buccal (against the cheek). However, since the majority of the CBD that you are taking will be swallowed eventually, bloodstream levels at their peak range from 0.5 to 5 hours. 

Other Factors To Consider

Food: When studying oral sprays, scientists have found that the amount of total absorbed CBD will increase 5-fold when the user has eaten recently. Chewing increases the flow of blood to the mouth, which can help to maximize absorption.
Increase Surface Contact: It is highly recommended to try and keep the CBD oil under your tongue for at least 1.5 minutes before you swallow. Over this time, you can increase the rate of absorption by swishing the CBD oil vigorously between both your teeth and around the mouth. This will elevate the surface-contact that occurs between your capillaries and the oil (If you have ever tried oil-pulling to cleanse your gums and teeth, you will know about this technique).

Intensifying Absorption of CBD Oil

Even when you are aware of the amount of CBD in every serving, this value only indicates the “maximum amount” that may enter your body, and the majority of that CBD is not going to reach its targets or your bloodstream. But here is advice that can assist you when it comes to increasing how much CBD your body readily absorbs.
– Before you increase the amount that you vape, rather test out different types of inhalation techniques
– If you are using oral formulations, swish the oil in your mouth and hold as long as you can underneath your tongue before you swallow.

FAQ About Our CBD Oil

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