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Our main objective is to give the customer the best experience possible. We want to give you an opening to a better, more holistic lifestyle to help your body and your mind with CBD. Taking this approach and applying it to our business we have managed to create an environment where hard work, dedication and the customer are our top orders of priority.

We pride ourselves on our exemplary knowledge of the world’s favourite health supplement. We don’t just sell CBD products – we educate people about the how’s and why’s behind the science of Cannabidiol. We like to think that consumers leave our online store that little bit more enlightened than they were when they arrived.

Quality Products at Great Prices

We love CBD, and we want to share this love with the world. That’s one of the reasons we started this online store, we wanted to spread the word of CBD. How do we do this? By fusing the best quality CBD around and the very best service with our pure passion for the product. 

What’s  our plan for the future? Well, we want to become the leading light of the Irish CBD market. We want to be able to bring the latest and greatest products and research to all of our clients and build not only a following, but a lifestyle around our brand.

Shop now to choose from our extensive collection of CBD-based products. We supply exquisite edibles, succulent oils, and CBD sprays that will enhance your health, all made to the highest possible quality standards. We sell the best CBD Ireland has.

Why Choose Cannabidiol from

Are you wondering why you should choose our CBD brand over another brand – here are nine reasons to do so!

Here are the 9 reasons you should choose us!

Lab Tested

Each of our finest range of high strength CBD products, from our cannabidiol to edibles have been lab tested for two things: quality and purity. We want to provide our clients with nothing but high quality… and the best means lab testing for our own assurance. When you buy from us, you can be sure of a quality product from Ireland.

CBD Educated

Each of our skilled team members has been trained in all we know about CBD, Phyto cannabinoids, and CBD receptors and products like our cannabidiol. Our salespeople are more than stockists; they are committed to the cause of enlightening the world to the possibilities of high quality Cannabidiol. Ask us anything!

Affordable Prices

We have deliberately placed our best CBD products on the market with differing price points. There is something everyone can afford in the our online store. Browse our exceptional product range for the best CBD products in Ireland, and marvel at how affordable they are.

Purest CBD Tincture

One thing you can be certain of when you invest in our products, whether that be CBD Edibles, Capsules, or full spectrum cannabidiols from our online store in Ireland, is that they will all be lab-tested to the same exacting standards. We test for purity, for strength, and then we double-check to ensure a refined product that’s as perfect as we can make it. We proudly present quality CBD products with under 0.2% THC. Perfectly safe for Ireland and its laws.

Ethically Sourced

Our Hemp is grown by farmers who have been properly paid for their wares and our products reflect that. They are some of the most experienced hemp growers we could find, who produce crops consistently under that 0.2% mark. Our hemp farmers profit when you buy high quality CBD products from us, and so do you!

Premium Quality CBD from a Supplier of Distinction

Since we produce nothing but the finest quality, lab-tested spectrum cannabidiol, you can be sure that our products are all-natural. There is nothing added to preserve them, no surprise extras needed, and nothing but 100% quality, fully organic, all-natural, full spectrum CBD and related products. We don’t use GMOs and we don’t use pesticides. Best of all, our Hemp and hemp related oil is ethically sourced, highly sustainable, and carbon

The Best CBD, Crafted by Master Distillers

We pride ourselves on creating a product line that we consider to be the best CBD range in the Ireland.
The craftsmanship of master distillers is present in every drop of our refined oils. On top of an exemplary range of products, we make customer service our second priority, so that you will find a friendly, engaging member of staff, each time you get in touch.

Reliable Quality

Each and every time you shop with us, you will receive the same exceptional standards of duty and care with our products. We treat each of our clients as the discerning consumers of our products, that they are and do all we can to make the selection and supply process behind high-end Ireland-based CBD products a smooth one.

Excellent Customer Service

To complement our desirable collection of prized full spectrum CBD products in Ireland, we aim to please each and every one of our customers. If you interact with our store, expect nothing but the friendliest responses, most knowledgeable replies, and the most helpful faces. We are here to make CBD shopping for products in Ireland a cinch, so don’t be scared to ask!


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