FAQs About CBD

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If you’re interested in buying CBD – then take a look at these commonly asked questions.

Can I Take Too Much Oil?

The latest studies suggest an upper limit of 1500mg per day. It’s best to try to keep your intake within the scientific limits. Taking too much Oil depend on the type of body you have. Every individual has a different tolerance level. When you take too much CBD regularly, you may have low tolerance issues – which is a hit point where taking more than that will not offer any benefit. You should always start with the lowest possible dosage and see how it affects your body and move up from there if necessary.

What’s The Best Time To Take Oil?

Taking the supplement at the same time every day is the best method of taking CBD. If you are taking the supplement twice daily, make sure to have at least 12 hours between the two dosages. Routine is very helpful to remember to take the supplement while it primes the body’s internal clock as well.

If you are taking a CBD supplement with melatonin to help you sleep, make sure you take it at least an hour to 30 minutes before bedtime for the best results. Here are some tips on how long CBD takes to start working. Soon after having a meal is ideal when taking CBD orally. A full stomach will help break down the supplement. When you eat, the capillaries in the mouth will have increased blood flow which is ideal for a CBD sublingual.

How Much CBD Is Actually In This?

The strength of CBD products can confuse you at times. Most CBD products are listed by entire contents instead of a single serving. For example, a bag of 500mg gummies doesn’t contain 500mg CBD in a gummy. But calculating the CBD content is not difficult. Make sure to err on the side of caution

For  gummies, you should divide the full amount of CBD supplement by the total pieces of edibles to get the correct answer. If the 500 mg bag contains 10 pieces, each gummy will have 50mg. For example, the 900mg gummy bag has 30 pieces with 30mg CBD in each gummy.

If you purchased a oil product, you should divide the total amount of CBD by the size of the bottle in mg or ml. In fact, bigger CBD  bottles with higher amounts of total CBD can be equal to smaller bottles with lower total CBD. Check the listing of the bottle to confirm the actual potency of the supplement. Here are some good tips for storage.

Our packaging displays the CBD strength per serving instead of the whole bottle contents. You can easily identify how much you get with each dose. The most important benefit of CBD tinctures is you can easily customize how much you take in a single serving.