Potential Risks and Side Effects of Taking CBD

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Different individuals have varying reactions to CBD

Common side effects include digestive problems like nausea and stomach upsets. Some individuals also experience symptoms such as headaches and drowsiness, especially when consuming large doses. These side effects may dissipate gradually as an individual gets used to CBD.

Individuals who inhale CBD via smoking or vaping may also experience coughing and lung irritation.

Researchers have observed that majority of the potential long-term side effects of CBD are unclear. Moreover, it has not yet been established whether CBD impacts hormones in the body, which is a huge concern for younger consumers like teenagers. More studies need to be done to establish the potential long-term side effects of CBD.

CBDis regulated differently from traditional drugs and medicines. This puts CBD at a higher risk of contamination. The companies that may these products may claim that they are pure CBD, but they may contain other substances like THC.

A specific product may also not have the quantity of CBD that it purports to or CBD is extracted in different ways or even how it is taken, thus lowering its therapeutic benefits.

Is CBD Safe for Kids?

Doctors may recommend CBD for kids in specific instances. Children who suffer from ADHD should not use CBD.

A research published in the Journal of Alcohol and Drug Dependence reported that kids who use cannabis before the age of 16 have a greater risk of developing cognitive impairments because their brains are not yet fully developed.

Kids who suffer from ADHD also have a greater risk of drug abuse. Although non-psychoactive CBD may not cause this, other types of CBD products, like marijuana, may lead to addiction.

A study done in 2014 found that kids who suffer from ADHD are 1.5 times more likely to suffer from a marijuana use disorder.

Although CBD does not cause the same side effects as marijuana, some parents and guardians may have some reservations about introducing their kids to CBD due to their close association.

If you think CBD can help relieve your child’s ailment, talk to a qualified medical practitioner to find out how to go about it before buying the product.