Buy CBD Creams and Topicals in Ireland

Our CBD cream Ireland are going down a storm. As well as being available in oil and edible form, CBD can be taken by applying a cream or topical. CBD cream in Ireland is increasingly popular. This method is especially favoured by those with acne or skin conditions to help clear up breakouts. Using a cream or topical allows you to apply the CBD right to the source of your issues, be it strains, muscle aches,  ligament issues or just dry skin

At CBD Oil Ireland we sell a wide range of CBD options and have a very nice selection of CBD creams in Ireland for sale and distribution. 

What is Cannabidiol Cream and How is it Made?

CBD creams are just a lotion or cream. And the most concentrated form of CBD is infused into the lotion or cream. The manufacturer uses CO2 extraction to extract the CBD compound. Then, the manufacturer adds the CBD compound to CBD creams. CO2 extraction is amongst the purest and cleanest methods of extracting CBD. CO2 extraction does not leave solvents in the extracted concentrate of CBD. The solvents can harm the skin of the users. When making CBD creams, the manufacturer adds different essential oils, such as coconut oil, olive oil, and sheer butter or cocoa butter, to the CBD oil. Adding the essential oils give the CBD oil the form of a lotion or cream – something buys of CBD cream Ireland love.

How to Apply CBD Creams to your Body

CBD cream is remarkably easy to use and you just rub it onto the impacted part of the body – in the same way you would apply any other ointment or salve. Simply take a little bit of the CBD cream on your hand and add it to the inflamed or damaged area. CBD Oil Ireland’s formulas smell amazing and are non-greasy by nature – something many people truly like about them.

CBD cream can be applied as often as you want. If you are using the product with other items then I would advise to alternate the times that you add the products. This will allow the CBD to build up and work on the impacted area throughout the day. 

CBD Cream – Ireland Legality and Availability

CBD cream is within the law in Ireland, though it is not a medicinal product – this is the case of all CBD options. A doctor can not diagnose, treat or cure with CBD and it cannot be prescribed as it is not seen as medicinal. It also needs a specific low THC content.