CBD Cream Ireland

Our CBD cream is going down a storm. As well as being available in oil and edible form, CBD cannabidiol Oil can be taken by applying a cream or topical. CBD cream in Ireland is increasingly popular. Using a cream or topical allows you to apply the product right on top of the skin.

We sell a wide range of CBD options and have a very nice selection of CBD creams for sale and distribution in Ireland. 

What is CBD Cream and How is it Made?

Our creams are just a lotion or cream. And the most concentrated form of CBD is infused into the lotion or cream. The manufacturer uses different means to extract the CBD compound. Then, the manufacturer adds the CBD compound to CBD balms. The solvents can harm the skin of the users. When making CBD balms and the like, the manufacturer adds different essential oils, such as coconut oil, olive oil, and sheer butter or cocoa butter, to the cannabidiol. Adding the essential oils give the cannabidiol the form of a lotion or cream – something buyers of our creams in Ireland love.

How to Apply Our Creams to your Body

CBD cream is remarkably easy to use and you just rub it onto the impacted part of the body – in the same way you would apply any other ointment or salve. Simply take a little bit of the CBD topical on your hand and add it to the sore area. CBDOilIreland.ie’s formulas smell amazing and are non-greasy by nature – something many people truly like about them.

Cannabidiol in this form can be applied as often as you want. If you are using the product with other items then I would advise to alternate the times that you add the products. This will allow the CBD to build up and work on the impacted area throughout the day. 

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CBD Cream – Ireland Legality and Availability

CBD cream is within the law in Ireland, though it is not a medicinal product – this is the case of all CBD options. A doctor can not diagnose, treat or cure disease with cannabidiol and it cannot be prescribed as it is not seen as medicinal. It also needs a specific low THC content.

FAQs About CBD Cream in Ireland

You can get some of the first-class CBD cream on offer. We supply different potency levels ranging from 50mg to 1000mg, enabling you to select CBD relief cream that’s ideal for you, and CBD products for beauty such as hand cream and CBD face cream.

Our CBD cream Ireland has the most authentic and natural ingredients derived from the best CBD manufacturers across Europe and the US. All CBD products come from lab tested cannabidiol and act in accordance with all legal requirements of 0.0% THC concentration.

CBD cream in Ireland like this is increasingly gaining traction as a premier CBD product. This is all thanks to extensive research conducted over the years proving the wellbeing benefits of consuming CBD based products regularly.

How Does CBD Cream Work?

Not only do we have a wide selection of non-GMO CBD creams, but we also have a stockpile of some of the finest CBD balms with no alien ingredients or pesticides. Our CBD balms are filled with authentic essential oils comprising top quality botanicals available in the Ireland. A few of our CBD balms are imbued with floral lavender oil, hemp seed oils, and creamy avocado oil giving off a truly blissful aroma aimed at stimulating additional levels of relaxation and calmness as well as CBD beauty. The CBD balms we provide also often include herbaceous tea tree oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, and aromatherapy oils – guaranteed and known for their skin benefits – some claim aromatherapy helps cure diseases. It’s also sometimes imbued with natural ingredients such as Chamomile oil; a constituent frequently used across the skincare sector for users looking to manage redness of skin as well as itchy, or dry or skin or an affected area of skin. 

What’s the difference between CBD cream and Oil?

As the name implies, cannabidiol is basically an oil created with cannabidiol, which is extracted from the cannabis plant – a cream is a delicately fabricated formula of components that assists to soothe and ease you.

Generally, cannabidiol is administered sublingually (orally) while CBD balms and topicals are smeared topically on the skin for limited usage. 

Can you use too much CBD Cream?

Considering how cream is put on topically – it’s very difficult to use too much. It’s recommended that you not administer more than 200mg orally each day but as a cream, it would be nearly impossible to absorb this amount with efficacy of such products. 

We advise that you attempt using a small amount of the CBD topicals to the affected area before applying it more expansively – just to ascertain you don’t have any allergic reactions to the cream. Starting with low doses or small amounts is best for cream and also other CBD products.

What are Full Spectrum CBD Creams?

The majority of Irish topicals are fabricated using cut-rate ‘Isolate’ CBD. Here we only supply Creams manufactured with superior ‘Full Spectrum’ CBD, meaning it comprises all the essential natural Flavonoids (phytonutrient-plant chemicals), natural composites (CBDG, CBDA, CBD etc), and natural Terpenes (very important natural smell and taste compounds located in the Hemp plant and in turn hemp seed oil).

All our Raw CBD constituents are authentic and you can purchase from anywhere on the planet. This coupled together with top-tier ingredients such as Shea Butter etc, ascertain you’ll be pleased with this acquisition.

How Does CBD Cream Work?

Creams function by triggering the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). It does this by attaching and sending signals to cell receptors in the nerves, skin, and muscle tissue. CBD enters the subdermal and dermal skin layers where it can gain access to the bloodstream, and reach further than the skin surface. Just like CBD, Phytocannabinoids bind with receptors and other enzymatic elements within the skin. Always make sure to ask your own doctor before taking any new supplement.

IS CBD Cream Safe?

Our CBD topical is 100% lawful and meets safety regulations in the Ireland. It is completely safe to use CBD and completely within the law provided (like with all our products), the THC concentration is under the legal requirement of 1mg/container. 

These creams won’t make you fail any drug test and will provide you with Peace of Mind when getting a drug screening for whatsoever reason. 

Can you absorb CBD through the skin?

The skin is specialized at keeping out things. But then again, it also contains small pores where CBD can permeate and gain access to the bloodstream. So, yes. The skin can absorb CBD.

Bear in mind that the skin generally has a low permeability level, so the application of the cream needs to be done generously on the skin given how a small quantity will get absorbed and you can benefit from this CBD beauty product. As with all creams, check on a small patch first – especially the case if you have sensitive skin.

Can you get high from using topical CBD?

No, you can’t. Unlike its counterpart THC, CBD doesn’t exhibit psychoactive effects regardless of the method of consumption used. Rather, it can make you feel relaxed or motivated, depending on the quantity of CBD consumed.  

Can I fail a drug test for using CBD topicals?

No tests exist that specifically scan for CBD inside the body. The majority of drug test scans for THC, and the concentration of THC contained in full-spectrum CBD products is negligible such that it isn’t noticeable in the drug tests. If you’re worried about consuming any CBD products, you can check our wide selection of isolate CBD topicals.

Are your topical CBD products safe?

You can rest easy knowing our topical CBD products have met all the requisite safety regulations. All our products are subjected to a scrupulous selection procedure and come with a full product description and ingredient listing as well as a certificate of analysis from a third-party lab to authenticate the product quality used. Therefore, our inventory of CBD products surpasses tests for the lack of extremely dangerous components.

How long can I keep my CBD balm before I have to replace it?

This is mainly contingent on how properly you store it and the expiry date. Generally, if the balm is left unopened, it can stay for a prolonged period. If you want your CBD products to last for long, you should store them in a dry place and keep away from the direct line of the sun.

Can I use CBD cream and balm on my children?

There are various topical CBD products you can put on your children’s skin. But it’s always best to consult with your medical practitioner before you begin applying any CBD product to your child’s skin.

How much CBD extract is in your topical CBD balm?

That entirely depends on how the manufacturer has made it. Various CBD brands make theirs with different CBD potency levels and this is then mixed with oils such as hemp seed oil. Check the packaging to acquaint yourself with the quantity of CBD in the product.