A Guide to Understanding What’s In Gummies

Gummies are a great choice when consuming gummies. Needless to say, you probably already know this and are looking for deeper info on gummies. Well, you’ve come to the right place. No matter how well you think you know your source of CBD, you’ve got to check the label and understand all connotations to know that your product is safe and authentic. That said, here are some points to decoding the label on gummies:

Breaking Down Your Label

Third-party testing & Certificate of Analysis CoAs

Before munching your consumables, the first thing you want to do is verify the accuracy and reliability. This is by checking for evidence on third party testing, and certificate of analysis (COAs). COAs show that another party apart from your manufacturer has tested the edibles, and certified that the contents contained therein are correct. In simple terms, they say that the batch of edible is legitimate.

You can find evidence of this as statements like “Made on 5/20/2019, Tested by Green Leaf Labs 6/2/2019”. In fact, some 3rd party labs indicate intricate details like the testing facility, test batch number, total CBD per milligram, and the testing date to demonstrate honesty and authenticity. Such labs include Green Leaf who issue a CoA following their test. Such a certificate contains all details on your consumables and their concentrations.

With that in mind, consider CoAs as the ultimate model of CBD transparency. To access CoAs for products from Lunchbox, simply visit their site and look up any batch of their products. This way, you get reliable, tested, and above all safe products.

Dosage and Serving Size

While CBD is well-tolerated in humans at doses of up to 1,500 mg you should always be cautious when consuming your edibles. As such, it is imperative that you assess what the serving size is. Typically, the majority of gummies have a 5mg serving size recommendation. Depending on the experience of a user, however, the desired amount may vary.

A package of 50mg of CBD with a recommendation of 5mg may be too much for a beginner. As such, cutting up your gummy and building your consumption over time would be the best way forward. This ensures that you start with a small dose, then after half an hour or so, you can add some more. Regular users can consume their gummies in amounts of 10mg each time. Nevertheless, if you are super skeptical and probably trying gummies for the first time, go as low as 2.5mg, then work your way up.

When looking for medicinal impacts, or extreme potential, 25mg will do. Personally, I consume two 10mg gummies, which are fine by me, for just the perfect impact. Whenever my consumption gets to 40mg, I start feeling drowsy, which may or may not be the case for you. That said, you’ve got to exercise precaution and assess how your body reacts to the gummies. Avoid taking too much, lest you feel drowsy, and an easy way to achieving this is making sure that you give it at least 2 hours before consuming more CBD.


Hemp/Cannabis is grown in many places, some of which are not regulated, and produce contaminated products. That said, make sure your label indicates that your product is sourced from the EU or another suitable market, and is therefore regulated.

Ingredients to Watch Out For

This is a subjective area since ingredients to watch out for depend on personal preference. If for example, you prefer vegan products or gluten-free products, you should verify this. If you’re consuming gummies ensure that the batch is free of preservatives, emulsifiers, coloring (Red dye #40), and artificial sweeteners such as glucose syrup and high fructose corn syrup. Be cautious of allergens like soy and wheat. As a rule of thumb, picking edibles that only use natural ingredients will be of immense benefit.

Ideal Extraction Methods

CBD is extracted in different ways, some of which are safer than others. The supercritical CO2 based extraction method, for example, is the most superior method of them all. It uses no solvent, enhances the preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids, and yields exceptionally clean products, giving the best CBD available.

You should also ensure that the gummies have CBD infused in them other than being sprayed on the exterior, which gives a less potent product. Worts of all, such edibles have too much sugar and are likely to give headaches after consumption.