Is CBD Bad for Dogs?

CBD has become widely known although the research into the benefits and side effects is not extensive. Many dog owners still ask, is CBD bad for dogs?

The side effects listed below are not definite but have been recorded in a majority of the pets. It is advisable to consult your vet to know if there may be other side effects depending on the health of your dog.

CBD Side Effects On Dogs
So far, CBD based oil for dogs does not cause any major side effects. The main one is increased drowsiness. The other effects that have been recorded by a substantial number of vets are;

  • Digestive issues such as vomiting, a lack of appetite, diarrhea, and constipation
    Dryness of the mouth and thirst
    Fluctuations in heart rate and blood pressure
    An increase in anxiety

Two clinical trials carried out with a higher dose showed ataxia, which is a lack of coordination, and a possibility of liver damage in some dogs.

One other issue that affects the effects the dog might get is the use of carrier oils together with cbd. The carrier oils can cause digestive issues as well as other health issues.

No studies have been done for CBD injected in megadoses in dogs. In monkeys, however, the effects were extreme and they included difficulties breathing, heart failure, and tremors.

Here are some good tips on how to give CBD to dogs and also the benefits

It is advisable to avoid giving your dog CBD for unproven uses. Instead, talk to a vet and get professional advice.