The Difference Between CBD and Hemp Seed Oil

If you have been doing your homework on CBD, you may have across various products labelled as hemp oil and must have asked yourself, are they the same as cannabidiol? The answer is no!

The hemp plant produces both hemp oil and cannabidiol. Both come are extracted from the same plant but are not exactly the same. One of the primary differences is that cannabidiol is derived from the flower and stalk of the flower, whereas hemp oil is extracted from the plant’s seeds. That is why it is usually referred to as Hemp Seed oil. It is usually used as a carrier oil for some types of cannabidiols.

Extracting Cannabidiol

The method used to extract cannabidiol can have a direct impact on the final result. Manufacturers with top of the line extraction machines and techniques usually produce the best cannabidiol quality.

cannabidiol is extracted in an array of ways including steam distillation, solvent extraction as well as supercritical CO2 extraction. The CO2 extraction method is by far the best and considered the gold standard of CBD extraction methods. Is it preferred by most manufacturers as it gives the cleanest product, allowing customizability and increased yield as a result.

Supercritical CO2 extraction entails blustering carbon dioxide at low pressure and high pressure to get cannabidiol as well as other active compounds.

Extracting Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds and it does not contain any cannabinoids such as THC or CBD. However, it is rich in vitamin E, fatty acids, protein, and other nutrients. Hemp oil may not have cannabinoids, but it has numerous benefits such as boosting the immune system, improving cognitive function, and promoting hormonal balance.

Hemp Seed Oil is extracted in the same manner as various seed oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil, and flaxseed oil, through a cold press machine. The hemp seeds are packed in the machine, then crushed and pulverized, allowing the oil to run through the canals and separate from the pulp.

The cold press machine method is a traditional extraction method and results in unprocessed oil, thus preserving all the nutrients found in the seeds.

What are the Benefits of Hemp and Cannabidiol?

Both hemp seed oil and cannabidiol play a vital role in the wellness industry, helping millions of individuals lead happier lives. If you want to buy cannabidiol, you’ll want to comprehend exactly what product you’re purchasing and check whether it contains active CBD. More often than not, the price of the product reflects the contents and quality. However, it is important to ensure you purchase from a reputable manufacturer. Online reviews, testimonials, and reports from third-party labs can come in extremely handy in this regard.