How CBD is Extracted?

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There are 4 main ways to extract or produce CBD from hemp: alcohol extraction, CO2 extraction, isolates extraction and whole plant extraction.

Alcohol Extraction

This is the very first extraction method that was used to derive CBD from hemp. It involves soaking hemp in a solvent to remove the oils and then heating the solvent until it evaporates and leaves the CBD .

CO2 Extraction

This is when CO2 passes through the plant to remove the oil. This is the most sophisticated CBD extraction method. It does not allow the individual CBD compounds to form separately.

Isolates Extraction

CBD isolates are simply pure CBD compounds. The quality of isolates varies depending on the specific hemp plant they are derived from.

Whole Plant Extraction

This is a popular extraction method that involves use of the whole hemp plant. The entire plant is used in order to get a CBD compounds spectrum that is very close to the natural endocannabinoid system.