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There are different ways to take CBD, many of which have been devised because many people don’t enjoy the taste cannabis oil leaves in the mouth. Whether it is a dislike for that oily residue, or the terpenes that give Cannabidiol its wholesome flavour, doesn’t really matter. If you don’t like the oil, you don’t like the oil. You don’t need to explain yourself… but have you considered our capsules? We offer the best CBD oi capsules Ireland!

Cannabidiol capsules sold by our expert team here at are high quality, come in different strength levels (10mg or 50mg), and are capable of unleashing those CBD health benefits to your body. If you’re looking to buy cannabidiol capsules in Ireland, then we’re your one stop online shop. 

What is a CBD Capsule?

Capsules are pills that are infused with cannabidiol. CBD has become extremely popular as a dietary supplement in recent years. Experts believe that CBD supports various biochemical functions of the body via the endocannabinoid system. Hence, the supplement benefits the overall well-being and the internal homeostasis process of the individual.

CBD is commonly produced from the hemp plant these days. It’s then infused with a carrier oil such as MCT oil. CBD extract is directly added to the tablet in the case of capsules. But the best CBD pills come in the form of soft gels where CBD is mixed with a gelatinous casing and then moulded into a tablet. Soft gels are easy for the body to digest as well as swallow. This makes cannabidiol more effective in capsule form.

Capsules work quite similar to CBD edibles. When you consume the capsule, it’s broken down by the digestive system before CBD makes its way into the cells of the body. Although the effects of CBD may take longer to kick in, you will feel its effects for longer periods. CBD comes in different forms with each form having its own pros and cons. You should know the difference between these forms so that you opt for the best CBD product to suit your needs. 

Is There a Best Way to take Cannabidiol?

In fact, different types of CBD products have different qualities for their use. Our oil might be best for one condition while capsules might be best for another. But when it comes to convenience, there is nothing to beat oil capsules. What are the numerous benefits of capsules?

CBD gel capsules are by far the most convenient product out there. It doesn’t get easier than just swallowing a small capsule. In fact, our CBD capsules are quite small and are easy to swallow even if a person has a hard time swallowing larger capsules. These capsules are convenient for use on the go. They are also quite discrete. It’s very rare for a person to pull out a dropper full of oil in public. But popping a oil pill isn’t uncommon. Nobody is going to give such a person a second glance.  This makes taking CBD capsules in Ireland a very good option.

Advantages Of CBD Capsules

Although researchers are yet to wrap their minds on how CBD works, many people don’t know what the correct dosage for the same is. The oil itself can also be quite tricky to handle. It is for this reason capsules were developed to help manage dosage and delivery. Some of the benefits of using the capsules we sell include:

Easy and Manageable Dosage

Another advantage of cannabidiol capsules is the exact dosage. If you are using cannabidiol and pictures, you cannot get a fairly accurate idea of the dose you are consuming. But with Capsules, you have a clear idea of what dose you are consuming. For example, a 10mg cannabidiol will contain 10ml of broad spectrum full spectrum CBD per serving depending on the product you choose. Knowing the accurate CBD content is a big benefit when taking CBD soft gels.

Easy to use and Carry

A cannabidiol capsule pack is much easier to take with you as compared to bottles. The capsules also won’t create unnecessary attention; hence can be taken on the go.

It’s Easy to add to Your Routine

Like CBD hemp oil capsules, these capsules are easier to incorporate in your routine. You don’t have to measure your dosage, but pop and swallow makes it a preferred option for many.

It Offers Convenience

No preparation is required when taking cannabidiol capsules. You can thus take them anytime, anywhere, and never miss your dose. They’re a generic looking product that you can take easily with a glass of water.

No Taste

Capsules are odourless and tasteless. If you don’t want to taste oil while consuming this food supplement this is a good option for you. On the other hand, CBD can affect the smell of your breath when taken raw. That’s why capsules incorporating CBD are the best option if you want a tasteless and odourless option when consuming CBD products.

FAQ About Buying CBD Capsules in Ireland

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