What CBD Dosage Should I Take?

A Short Guide To Oil and CBD Dosages…

CBD is easily accessible to anyone in the Ireland, since it has long been made lawful. Unfortunately, this didn’t come with a universal set of guidelines on a) how we take it, and b) how much of it we ought to be using. CBD supplementation, therefore, is not an exact science.

What we do know about it is that different products contain different strengths depending on the bioavailability of the method of supplementation. So, an oil might be a 10% CBD, while a capsule can contain thousands of milligrams. Since the CBD capsules pass through the digestive system, they lose a lot of their strength. Oils will tend to be weaker because their bioavailability is massive by comparison.

Since all this is seemingly incredibly complicated, let’s turn to the science and see what it says about dosing with CBD.

what cbd oil dosage should it take

 CBD Dosages: Factors Affecting How Much You Should Take

There are lots of aspects of dosage that should be considered to work out your ideal daily amount.

Oil Choice

First things first: you need a high quality CBD product, regardless of strength. To make sure you have a high quality CBD supplier, check where their hemp is grown. If their hemp is grown in China (where 70% of the world’s hemp is produced) it is likely to have some metallic contamination through the polluted soil. You should ask them if they get their oil independently tested or if it is lab tested in house. Finally, opt for CBD that has been extracted using CO2 extraction since it is the most effective manner by which to separate the CBD from the other components of the plant.

Product Type

CBD in softgel capsule form will usually have dosage instructions on the bottle, as will  gummies.  Generally cannabidiol  is less specific, while a spray or massage oil has no dosage instructions… no wonder everyone is confused! So let’s try putting this another way…

Gummies – 1-3 per day

Capsules – Follow the instructions on the packet, normally 1-4 per day.

Soft Gels – 6.4 mg CBD per gel, so 1-3 per day depending on other factors.

Soluble spray – Between 1-4 pumps per day – be careful since it has the maximum bioavailability.

CBD Massage oil – rub on the affected area when you feel sore, usually up to 6 times per day. This has the lowest bioavailability so you can use more of oil and cbd creams.

Oils – oils vary in strength. Generally speaking, a 2.5% oil will have 1.15 mg of CBD in every single drop. This means you could take 6 drops to gain the equivalent benefit of a single gel. On the other end of the scale you have the 40% oil, which contains 18.4 mg of CBD per one drip. If you meet halfway and get a 15% oil, you come in at the 6.9 mg mark, which is roughly the same as a single soft gel.

When you put all of this together, it looks like anything between 0 and 18 mg per day is a healthy dose. To work out if you should be at the top or the bottom of that scale, we then turn to details about the user…

Your Own Physical Properties Affect How Much CBD you Should Take

So… if you have a large body weight figure, you will be able to take more CBD than someone who is small. Similarly, if you have a high metabolism, you can take more CBD than someone who will process it slowly. Things like your age, your height, and whether or not you have eaten that day, can all affect how much CBD your body will use, and what it will discard.

So How Do You Know How High A Dose Of CBD To Take?

To answer the age-old question directly then, start on one drop, or one gel, or one gummie. Take that same dose every day for a week. Once you are used to it, you can start to build up the reserve of CBD that you have in your body. This is easily done and causes no harm, as far as science can tell. It goes without saying that you should discontinue use if it makes you ill, or simply revert back to your last manageable dose if you up it too much.

So there you have it! Start with a single drop or capsule, then work your way up. CBD dosing really is as simple as that.

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