How to Give CBD to your Dog for Irish People

Having the thought of trying CBD or cannabidiol for your dog but not sure what’s the best way to go about it? Being an oil rather than a pill, tablet, or chewable, it means you can’t just place it in food for your dog to eat it. Fortunately, administering CBD to your dog is easier than you might think. Read on to find out the six ways that come in handy in administering cannabidiol to a dog in Ireland.

#1. Administer it directly through your dog’s mouth

CBD doses for dogs are mainly based on the number of droppers or drops of oil to be given to your dog, which will depend on the size and the desired results. For a dog that can stand it, the best way to administer cannabidiol is by drawing up the right amount of oil using the dropper without necessarily shaking the bottle first, inserting the dropper into the dog’s mouth (making sure it is as close to the back of the mouth as possible without choking them) and then squeezing the dropper. Rewarding your dog with his favorite treat after administering the oil means that they swallow it all. It is also a great way of creating a good impression so that he doesn’t run away any time you grab the CBD  bottle.

#2. Apply it on a treat

For this to be effective, you’ll have to find a porous treat that absorbs the oil. Otherwise, the oil slides off the treat before the dog eats it. After applying the right amount of cannabidiol on the treat, it will take a short while before it soaks in, after which you can give it to your dog. This method is best suited for small dogs that require a small dose. As you’d except, putting a full dropper of oil on a treat can be untidy and wasteful and may therefore net be effective for dogs needing larger doses.

#3. Blend it with something tasty

Adding sufficient cannabidiol on a treat may be tricky, and it might be simpler to mix it with something delicious like peanut butter, provided it contains no xylitol (a sweetener that’s poisonous for dogs). Use the right dose in the mixture and offer your dog as usual, whether that’s from their feeder or in the form of a treat.

#4. Blend it with their food

Cannabidiol goes well with wet food, and it is advisable that you begin with a small dose and increase gradually to allow for your dog to become accustomed to the taste. All you have to do is add the oil to the food and mix properly, allow it to soak in and feed your dog as usual. Here are some tips on the benefits and also what to look out for

#5. Prepare your own dog treats

While making you own dog treats can be rewarding, adding cannabidiol can be challenging. For beginners, baking your dog treats can cause evaporation of the cannabidioll, hence losing its essential benefits. However, baking under relatively low temperatures or preparing no-bake dog treats is a good way to retain the oil’s benefits. A great way of using cannabidiol  in making treats is by using it in place of another oil in the recipe. Most importantly, you shouldn’t use cannabidiol together with water when preparing treats as oil doesn’t mix with water. Doing so would result in unequal distribution of the oil, and you would end up with treats having dissimilar amounts of CBD.