CBD For Dogs

Much like CBD dogs are popular all over the world. From household to household, state to state, and continent to continent, they have been man’s best friend since tribal times.

Gone are the days when dogs would loiter on the edges of the encampment, absorbing scraps and keeping the dangers of the night at bay. Nowadays, we watch them twitch in their sleep and revert to baby-talk whenever they yawn or stretch.

All this means, of course, is that we have gone from being protected by them, to caring for them as much as they care for us. When you see your best little buddy get sick or ache, you can’t help but rush to help them… and that’s where finding the right CBD and dosage comes in. 


Most frequent questions and answers

CBD, an abbreviation of Cannabidiol, is one of more than a hundred compounds that come together to make up the cannabis plant. when you isolate that CBD and remove it from the parts of the plant that make the ‘stoned’ effect associated with cannabis (FYI that’s the THC), you get all the healing benefits with none of the hideous side effects.

CBD is a little different to Hemp oil. It can be taken from both cannabis and hemp plants (slightly different plants from the same genus), but it comes from the flowers, leaves, and stalks. When hemp oil is taken from the hemp plant, it comes exclusively from the seeds.

When it comes to finding the right CBD for your dog, choose an oil over other forms of transmission. It will be absorbed into the body in the same way that it does for we humans, and will have a calming, soothing effect.

Studies that have been performed into treating arthritis in dogs with CBD have revealed that approximately 2mg per kilo of dog is a good strength. Choose a high quality of oil with either a full spectrum or an isolate being useful.

Start by adding a few drops (2/3) to your dog’s food bowl or water per day. If your dog starts eating grass, or experiences stomach or abdomen discomfort, you might be giving them too much. Eventually, your dosing will reach a plateaux state where giving any more would be pointless. This is where you want to be when finding the right dosage CBD for your dog.

Much like when you give CBD to a human, 99.99% of dogs will have a positive reaction. There is still that 0.1% however, and you should familiarise yourself with the signs just in case it happens to you.

As mentioned above, your dog will eat grass… It will likely to this for a day or two when you first start the course of CBD for dogs – but should stop thereafter. If you increase the dose too much, the grass eating will be accompanied by vomiting. If the dog vomits within an hour of having its first CBD dose, you have either given it too much, or your dog isn’t going to react well to it.

Positive signs that your dog is using CBD well, are calmness, resting, eating well, and general all round happiness. A shining coat is a side effect often mentioned. If your dog has arthritis, bad joints, or muscle sprains, CBD will work wonders. They will be bouncing around like a puppy.

Negative signs include an upset tummy, panting more than usual, and excessive sleepiness. If you notice symptoms out-with these parameters, it might be worth taking a trip to the vet. Remember, any dietary supplements should be run past your vet anyway, just keep in mind that they might have a slanted world view on CBD and how it is used.

Now that we have familiarised ourselves with what it is and how you use it, let’s talk benefits. We sourced some of the best benefits to giving your dog CBD, for those that still need a little extra convincing.