CBD For Dogs Ireland

Much like CBD oil for dogs are popular all over the world. From household to household, state to state, and continent to continent, they have been man’s best friend since tribal times. Worldwide we love our dogs and people in Ireland are no different and we at and our CBD company want to facilitate that.

Gone are the days when dogs would loiter on the edges of the encampment, absorbing scraps and keeping the dangers of the night at bay. Nowadays, we watch them twitch in their sleep and revert to baby-talk whenever they yawn or stretch.

All this means, of course, is that we have gone from being protected by them, to caring for them as much as they care for us. When you see your best little buddy get sick or ache, you can’t help but rush to help them… and that’s where finding the right CBD oil and dosage comes in. 

CBD oil for dogs may seem like a curious thing. However, CBD oil, also known as Cannabidiol, is one of more than one hundred cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. When you isolate each of these compounds, you can extract the health benefits associated with them, thereby getting all the goodness out of the cannabis genus of plant. Something we do at CBDOilIreland.ie.

There are two main cannabis compounds that we deal with and you will have heard of. One is known as CBD oil , the other is known as THC. The THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and has psychoactive effects. This compound is often cited as the reason that cannabis smokers get ‘high’. When you isolate the CBD oil , you get none of this effect but still manage to retain the goodness of the plant.

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When it comes to giving CBD oil to your dog, we have long since accepted that it is a health boosting serum, we all can use… but how does it affect our pets? We went through the science behind CBD’s effect on your wee dog’s tummy, to prove to you that it is OK to give your dog cannabidiol, too!

Let’s start with the science… what is cannabidiol, anyway?

FAQ About CBD Oil for Dogs

Frequent Questions about CBD for Dogs

CBD For Dogs in Ireland

With all of this in mind, let’s review some of our favourite reasons to give your dog cannabidiol.

1 – It can reduce Fear

As we noticed earlier when we looked at scientific studies, scientists are already recommending we CBD oil for dogs to them when they are suffering from periods of prolonged anxiety. Does your dog get upset on fireworks night? Try CBD products from CBDOilIreland.ie to calm them down.

2 – CBD Improves Appetites

If your dog has had surgery or some other incident that has put it off its favourite foods, then cannabidiol might help. It can thus help dogs weighing less than they should do.. You can simply place a few drops of CBD oil for dogs under the dog’s tongue if you cannot get it to take some in its food. This is incredibly beneficial for recovery from injury. Dogs weighing less than they should may now eat better. It also may have anti nausea effects.

3 – It Improves Pain

Similarly to how it reacts in the human body, CBD oil for dogs will also help dogs to manage a long term pain condition. If your pup suffers from a condition that gives ongoing aches and pains, cannabidiol from CBDOilIreland.ie is worth a shot. It’s easy to give to the pet directly, is all natural and can be very beneficial when given for a few weeks.

4 – It reduces inflammations

Just as it can help a sprain or muscle injury in humans, so, too, can CBD oil for dogs help a pup. Dogs get muscle injuries too, often worse than ours since they have no option but to be on their feet all day. If your dog starts limping or even if it suffers from repeated strain, you can get it a little relief using cannabidiol. Cardiovascular health in dogs may also be benefitted.

5 – It’s a seizure suppressant

Again, this one has its basis in human studies. Medical marijuana has proven effective in moderating seizures in dogs. To the point that it has been used in epilepsy medications to help minimize seizures and even stop them mid-action. When given regularly, CBD oil for dogs may act as a seizure suppressant for dogs.

6 – It’s good for their mental health

CBD oil for dogs has worked wonders on stress and anxiety in animals. It has even shown to have a positive effect on depression. This is down to the neuroprotective qualities found in this miraculous oil and will go a long way to helping your dog stay happy. It can be boring to be a dog, and stressful when they don’t know what’s going on or why you are leaving. Soothe them with CBD products . At the very least they will get a wonderful sleep.

7 – As an arthritis treatment

We mentioned above that doggie arthritis can be eased somewhat with the addition of CBD oil for dogs to the diet. This oil loosens up the joints, providing the pooch with some lubricant as it ages. It can also be massaged into the skin if you don’t want to dose your dog. This massaging action will doubly help the muscles, but the choice is yours.

8 – As a skin clarifier

There are some dogs out there who are not blessed with good skin. If you have a hairless breed, then it is of particular importance that you moisturise your dog often… we wish we were kidding, but we’re not.

To give your dog the healthiest skin, combat dermatitis, and prevent allergic reactions to things like tall grass, try rubbing some cannabidiol in there.

9 – As a training aid

A hyper dog is hard to train, so it stands to reason that the calming benefits of CBD products dosage for your dog should bring them back down again. This means if you give them an all natural CBD products they can pay more attention and will therefore be easier to train and deal with the pet directly. More training then has the benefit of more exercise and better cardiovascular health.

10 – As an aid for Diabetes

If your dog is in the risk category for diabetes, CBD oil for dogs ontains the nutrients needed to steer them off the path of danger and get them back to good health. Allowing them to enjoy their favourite foods and better wellbeing.

Overall Verdict on CBD for Dogs

Overall, we believe that giving cannabidiol to your dog isn’t just good for it, it’s brilliant. Make sure you lower the dose if they get an upset stomach and otherwise go with your gut. Dogs are meant for a lot of the same thing’s humans are… and when there are so many benefits, any good pet owner would never say no.