How Many Gummies Should I Take?

There is no specific regulation on how much cannabidiol in a gummy that a person should take in a sitting or a serving size. Several factors, however, have/need to be considered using CBD products. These include:

1. Body Weight
Your body weight is a crucial determinant of how much cannabidiol you should take in a day. Individuals with a larger body mass can thus take a higher dosage as compared to their lighter counterparts. Having too little cannabidiol

serving will have a minor effect on the body, one of the reasons you should increase your dosage gradually until a soft spot is reached. Taking a higher  dosage of CBD, especially if lightweight, can trigger several reactions, some of which might not be pleasant.

2. Level of Discomfort
Many people take CBD depending on what they are feeling at the moment.

3. Easiness
Using cannabidiol regularly over time increases your body’s tolerance to the same. Most people will thus adjust their dosage more to the higher side to increase its effectiveness.

4. CBD Concertation Levels
The concentration levels of cannabidiol in gummies should be considered before use. This, in other words, is the effectiveness or strength of the oil, commonly measured in mg (milligrams). CBD concentration shouldn’t, however, be confused for dosage. Dosage is the amount of oil served at each given time.

Be sure to talk to your doctor/physician if considering cannabidiol for the first time. The physician will recommend a dosage based on your current health status, body weight, and level of discomfort you are in, among other factors. You could also check dosage tables based on weight groups to determine an estimated dosage.

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