Do Vets Recommend CBD?

CBD brands are not yet able to sell CBD products that are designed solely for pets in the United Kingdom. That being said, vets can prescribe CBD products geared for humans to animals according to the regulations set by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate. These are typically in oil form and can be easily added to their


In these cases, a vet would normally recommend a dosage based on the animal’s size. Along with this, they will recommend the use of CBD products that are free of THC. After all, THC can have unwanted effects on both dogs and cats. Both of these animals are sensitive to exposure to THC and they are more likely to suffer from poisoning from marijuana.

As a result, any vet would recommend the use of CBD for pets and dogs that are broad-spectrum. These are the products that won’t contain any THC.

What’s even more confusing is that you are allowed to have pictures of animals on the product’s label itself, but it is not allowed to be specifically labeled for pets. We don’t do this to avoid confusing the customer. However, many companies will engage in this behavior despite the products being regular-made and designed for human use.

CBD is classified as a ‘veterinary medication. It can get very confusing when the veterinary association classifies it as a medicine but sellers aren’t able to specifically label it a medication for pets. Instead, it must be sold as a “supplement.” This is the type of stuff you see in the CBD industry that is largely in its infancy.

You will find the Internet chock-full of all kinds of different websites, pages, and forums dedicated to pet owners who have experienced great success using CBD for their pets. A lot of these owners have a lot of good stories and case studies to tell about using CBD for a variety of ailments. However, as per the guidelines set forth , we as a company are not legally able to recommend a specific product for a pet. While this could potentially change in the future, that’s how it is at the current moment.

Below, you will find details on vet products that contain cannabidiol (CBD).

Any products that contain cannabidiol (CBD) are considered medicines and they should be properly regulated because of it. We have come to this decision on the basis that any products that do contain Cannabidiol end up fulfilling the primary definition of a vet medication in the regulations due to their effects.

Vet medicine is any combination of substances or single substance that can be given to an animal to correct, modify, or even restore physiological functions by offering up some sort of reaction.

Marketing Requirements For CBD Products

Any CBD products that are used for animals require a full marketing authorization before being legal to sell or supply in the Ireland As of right now, there is no specific CBD product that has received this authorization.

Using Human CBD Products

Because no product in the market has received such designation, a human CBD product must be used. Any use or administration of a product that hasn’t been authorized without a vet prescription is considered illegal under Regulation 8 of the VMR in the UK. Because of this, any company that is engaged in marketing or selling CBD products meant for humans must not recommend that their products be used for or by animals.