How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog for Anxiety?

Before you can decide on the dosage of CBD you should give to your dog, you need to think about the amount of CBD that is present in the product. However, one treat from a particular brand might not contain the same amount as another. If you didn’t already know, CBD is measured in mg and should be given based on some common factors.

When using CBD with your furry friends, it’s best to think about their weight, as well as their sensitivity to the product. However, all of these are necessary if you’re giving your pet CBD for cancer, seizures, or even other illness.

What Is The Recommended Dosage Of CBD That My Dog Should Take?
Before you can properly determine the dosage you’ll need to first know the following:

  • Recommended dosages are dependent on the weight of the dog. As such, each product should be accompanied by a recommended dosage at the back. In the instance where this is not stated, it is advised that you do not purchase this product.
  • A good product wouldn’t be vague and would simply indicate the dosage needed based on the needs of your dog.
  • In the case where your dog weighs 15 lbs, research has indicated that 4 or even 5 mg of CBD is recommended daily. If hemp seed oil is purchased from HempMy Pet, then a dog would need up to 4 drops for regular health on a daily basis. As such, every 1000 mg contains 1.1 mg of CBD.

The previously indicated dosage is suggested as the minimum starting point. The dosage can always be increased or even decreased as necessary. If your dog is suffering from severe anxiety, a higher dosage is usually recommended. Always be aware of the risks of a higher dosage though.

It’s Always About Quantity But Rather The Quality

Before purchasing a product, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to the way the product was made up. Hence, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to the overall quality. Some sources tend to process products differently. Due to the processing phase, some products turn out differently and the potency is also affected.

So, if 1 mg from a particular company works for your dog, the same 1 mg from another might not be as efficient as the previous. The following are some of the main things that can affect the final quality of CBD products:

  • The type or strain of help that is used to create the extract. This also alters the effects on your dogs.
  • If the product is an isolate or a full-spectrum product. Keep in mind that full-spectrum is more desired.
  • Whether or not the company uses the same version of hemp each time. Different strains can produce different results.
  • The dog treat or carrier oil that is used. Fresh ingredients are better since they are more beneficial.
  •  In the instance of using dog treats, the baking temperature is important. When these treats are baked at extreme temperatures, they tend to break down the CBD. As such, fresh vs baked will never give you the same results.

What Are You Treating By Giving Your Dog CBD?

Based on personal experience, a personal theory was developed. CBD can provide several benefits for your dogs. Hence, the amount that is given simply depends on the final outcome. In essence, it also influences the frequency that CBD should also be given in.

If you’re interested in wellness lower dosages overtime should be given. Since CBD has a rather compounding effect it builds up over time and works in the best way possible. Additionally, it is recommended that the dosage should be given at the same time each day. However, this can also be split into the morning and evening.

If you’re treating behavioural issues, visible changes can be seen over time. However, higher doses are required for this condition. These should be seen on the back of packages. Remember, if it’s not there, there’s a chance that you can’t trust the product.

So, if your dog is in a particular situation and they’re anxious, it’s a good idea to double and even triple the doses. However, this should be done at least an hour before such a situation occurs. These include airplane rides and others. In order to maintain the effects, this is done every couple of hours to ensure that the dog is safe and not having major anxiety and panic attacks.

In the instance of treating for illness such as seizures or even cancer, it is best to consult with your vet before you can determine the appropriate dose. For these particular situations, higher doses are recommended. These can be found on the back of packages under general health.

While there isn’t a set dose, you should still alter dosage based on trial and error. Since each dog is different the same may not work for all dogs. Sometimes it can be too much or too little. For illnesses such as seizures, you may need to increase if the symptoms persist over extended periods of time.

If something doesn’t work on the first try, you’ll need to either increase or decrease!