New Chairperson for Citizens’ Assembly on Drug use

Paul Reid’s Appointment As Chairperson Of The Citizens’ Assembly on Drug use Draws Varied Reactions The government of Ireland selected the former Health Service Executive CEO Paul Reid as the chairperson of the recently set-up Citizens’ Assembly on Drug use. Towards the end of February, the Citizens’ Assembly on Drugs Use was set up after … Read more

Irish Court Prosecutions To Resume As Europe Flip-Flops on CBD Status

Europe’s indecisiveness regarding the status of CBD is allowing the Irish government to arbitrarily go after the country’s CBD and hemp industry, reports have suggested. In the coming weeks, a new wave of prosecutions of CBD and hemp consumers and businesses is expected to start in the Irish justice system after the European Commission refused … Read more

A Guide to Making CBD Tea

For thousands of years now, tea has been the go-to beverage of choice acting as a therapeutic and medical treatment for all kinds of illnesses. Some people consume the aromatic drink to alleviate cold signs while others take it every day to assist them to arise or ease them to sleep at night. Have you … Read more

What Are The Future Expectations For CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol has grown immensely in popularity over the last few years and should continue to grow as the years go by. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound extracted from hemp plants. It is linked to many credits for various benefits This is one of the reasons why the global CBD market is expected to … Read more

Varadkar’s Thoughts on Citizen’s Assembly on Drugs in 2023

TAOISEACH LEO VARADKAR stated that he carries no opinion on laws regarding marijuana. Because of this, he will trust the public to come up with an answer regarding cannabis at the Citizen’s Assembly. The JOC committee on justice, or Joint Oireachtas Committee on justice, has agreed that while it’s important for the public to have … Read more

The Difference Between CBD and Hemp Seed Oil

The Difference Between CBD and Hemp Seed Oil

If you have been doing your homework on CBD, you may have across various products labelled as hemp oil and must have asked yourself, are they the same as cannabidiol? The answer is no! The hemp plant produces both hemp oil and cannabidiol. Both come are extracted from the same plant but are not exactly … Read more

Top 3 Tricks To Improving The Efficiency Of CBD

Top 3 Tricks To Improving The Efficiency Of CBD

CBD is one of the most popular health and wellness products on the market today. There is an unquenchable thirst for CBD, with the market recording more than 260% in demand and popularity over the past few years. More and more people are embracing CBD and taking it daily to improve their health and wellbeing. … Read more


Can you Treat Anxiety using Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Everyone around the world right now, seems to be arguing about whether or not you can treat anxiety with oil. Across the globe, users of this health supplement have been claiming it has helped change their lives for the better… and we don’t disagree! What we want to look at specifically is if this claim … Read more

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What CBD Dosage Should I Take?

A Short Guide To Oil and CBD Dosages… CBD is easily accessible to anyone in the Ireland, since it has long been made lawful. Unfortunately, this didn’t come with a universal set of guidelines on a) how we take it, and b) how much of it we ought to be using. CBD supplementation, therefore, is … Read more