Can you Treat Anxiety using Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Everyone around the world right now, seems to be arguing about whether or not you can treat anxiety with oil. Across the globe, users of this health supplement have been claiming it has helped change their lives for the better… and we don’t disagree! What we want to look at specifically is if this claim … Read more

cbd oil dosage

What CBD Dosage Should I Take?

A Short Guide To Oil and CBD Dosages… CBD is easily accessible to anyone in the Ireland, since it has long been made lawful. Unfortunately, this didn’t come with a universal set of guidelines on a) how we take it, and b) how much of it we ought to be using. CBD supplementation, therefore, is … Read more

questions to ask CBD Supplier

5 Questions to Ask your CBD Supplier

Before you rush off and invest hard-earned cash in just any old CBD from any old CBD Supplier, read this first! CBD Supplementation has become a mass growth industry in recent years. When the health benefits finally got the compound legalised in the Ireland, companies from left, right, and centre, were rushing to capture pieces … Read more

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CBD From The Top-CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum

The information that is going around regarding CBD is often hard to understand, let alone the different types of CBD isolate versus full spectrum. We wanted to simplify it as much as possible, so that everyone knows exactly what it is that they are getting. Let’s take it from the top… What is CBD and … Read more


A Guide to Using Cannabidiol as a Supplement

People all over the globe are finally waking up to the realisation that not all cannabis compounds are bad for you. Most of us are now aware that we can extract this chemical bounty from a marijuana plant and filter it into a compound that doesn’t make us high – but still gives us all … Read more

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7 Awesome CBD Facts that are Backed By Science!

If you haven’t heard about CBD yet, we can only imagine you have been in hiding for the last two years. CBD, AKA cannabidoil is a health trend we can all get behind, with the seemingly endless benefits being felt by people around the world, as more and more of us come to accept it has … Read more

How Opinion On CBD has Changed

Ten years ago, if you asked the average consumer if they were inclined to try CBD the response probably would have been a puzzled, “Try what?” As cannabis becomes commonplace across health products, beauty lines, and political discussions, we can’t help but wonder when and how this seemingly overnight transition in opinions occurred. Hemp, the versatile … Read more