Irish Cannabis Bill to Go Before Parliament

There’s a great bill that will legalize cannabis use and will go forth before the Dail in about two weeks.

The bill would have gone forth before them in the summer but there was a delay. Gino Kenny from people before profit announced:

It’s a short bill that’s going to go forth according to the The Dublin mid-Midwest TD. It’ll change the legislation put in place to help the legality of possession of cannabis. It’s going to amend the Misuse of Drugs Act.

This change in law doesn’t talk about the rules on cultivating cannabis. If the bill is accepted by Dail, which means that all government parties have accepted it, then the cultivation of cannabis might be addressed at the committee.

“This bill will stop cannabis use from being criminalized,” stated Kenny. “People Before Profit supports its regulation but is only a step towards that. This bill will make it okay for people to possess around 7g of cannabis or less.” He stated that the regulation is much similar to the legislation seen in Luxembourg or Malta.

This amendment should bring forth almost no financial trouble to the state. It’s okay for this bill to be pushed under European law as we’ve heard by top legal advisors.” he stated. “It may be delayed by a government who would like to block it from reaching the next stage, but we hope to have a positive outcome on the debate coming about this issue. It’s time to start the conversation on reforming drugs in Ireland, especially when it comes to personal use. CBC is currently legal in Ireland

This bill may end up testing the government according to Kenny.

While the bill is all about cannabis, PBP’s mission is to decriminalize personal drug use in all of Ireland.

When asked about how he think the bill will turn out, Kenny stated: “Some parties aren’t seeing the decriminalization of cannabis as a positive thing, so we may not see this bill go far.”

He asked members who belong to the Green Party to please support the bill.

“I think we’re having a thirst in this nation to have an interesting debate on drug use,” stated Kenny. “The opinion in Ireland seems to compel us to do something different when it comes to cannabis use. I think the majority of people agree that something needs to change. Having cannabis use entirely illegal isn’t working out. It isn’t productive.”

He said that we all need to take a look at reducing harm and look at the options when it comes to decriminalizing the use of drugs.

“The current system isn’t working out for people and only a small segment of society benefits. It gets people into a lot of trouble with the criminal justice system, and I think the state would benefit in taking away the reason why so many people in Ireland end up in court.”

Kenney remarked earlier that once this drug is legalized, cannabis should be tightly regulated to limit the amount of profit made on the substance.

The Green Party wants to call for the introduction of “coffee shops” in the Dutch-style that would allow for the sale of cannabis for those of legal age.

The leader of the Green Party, Eamon Ryan, stated to TheJournal that such coffee shops would be fine around four years ago.

Here is some more reaction from TDs on the matter