CBD Gel Capsules 900mg 60pcs


CBD Gel Capsules 900mg 60pcs

Lab Reports

Batch 1020

 Cannabinoid profile: AR-20-CC-503640-01
 Microbiology: AR-20-CC-140726-01



Our CBD Gel pills are packed with high quality full-spectrum CBD oil. They provide our
customers with all the CBD benefits in a very easy to use form. Every soft gel pill has a dosage
of 15mg CBD. This makes dosage measurement a fast and easy process.

Our CBD pills can be fused into your day to day routine. You can try taking the CBD gel pills
with food and you will experience the best support for your life.
Experiencing the effect: Rather than being placed under the tongue for direct absorption, pills
are absorbed and swallowed into the bloodstream through the digestive tract. This allows for a
gradual and slow release as well as the onset of effects.

What Do Reakiro CBD Capsules Provide Best?
Reakiro CBD pills are made with a system that consistently traces the entire product through its
lifecycle, from seed to sale. We examine and confirm the product’s validity with the help of
independent third-party labs. We test for heavy metals, microbiology, pesticides, and product

We only use premium grade seeds approved by the European Union and we guarantee the high
quality and safety of all our CBD gel products and CBD vegan capsules.
We offer transparency and consistency in the quality of our products. They are gluten-free, non-
GMO, and have no pesticides, chemicals, or heavy metals.
Our full-spectrum CBD is lab tested to have no more than 0.2% of THC.

CBD Gel Pills in every bottle: 60 pcs
CBD Pills 900mg | CBD gel caps | 15mg CBD per сapsule

Additional information


Hemp Seed Oil, Gelatine Capsule Shell, Hemp Extract derived Cannabidiol (CBD).


The recommended daily dose is 2 or 3 pills. As for storage, do not refrigerate your product.
Store it away from excessive humidity, light, and heat.
Bear in mind that you should not consume more than the recommended dosage. Avoid this
product in case you’re expecting or a lactating mom. People using other medications or have
pre-existing health issues should check with a physician prior to using our products.
In case an adverse reaction occurs, stop using the capsules and see your doctor the soonest
you can. Seek medical consultation if you feel sick.

Remember to keep your capsules far from the reach of children and pets. The capsules are not
designed to prevent, diagnose, cure, or treat any condition.


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