0% THC Warming Muscle Relief Gel With CBD


0% THC Warming Muscle Relief Gel With CBD

Lab Reports

Batch 29

 Certificate of analysis No: AR-20-CC-501947-01



After a good workout session, your body needs to recover. The Smart Restart warming gel is
exactly what you need to get your circulation flowing and to promote the rapid recovery of your
body after effort.
Apply this relief to the desired body areas after exercise and feel the benefits provided by the
warming sensation that sets your body into recuperation mode. This product contains CBD, an
anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that helps healing your muscle cells through
transdermal application.
The product contains 500 mg CBD per 100 ml and 0% THC.

Additional information


CBD, the 500 mg formula, extracted from organic, carefully selected hemp
– A mix of Arnica and menthol – an essential oil with cooling effect, ideal for aches, sprains,
muscle spasms, muscle soreness and bruises
– Rosemary oil, great for the reduction of the swelling and for strengthening the immune system
– Vanillyl Butyl Ether , an extract with mild warming effect, great for enhancing micro-circulation
at cellular level
– Camphor, useful for alleviating pain and itching, as well as for enhancing local blood flow
– Piper Nigrum, excellent for enhancing the effect of the product
– Ginger oil, great for killing bacteria and for soothing redness; it helps restoring the natural color
of the complexion

How To Use

Apply about 3ml of gel and massage it gently into the skin; it is suitable for daily

Product Information

This is a product for external use only. Don't apply it on wounds or broken skin. Avoid
contact with your eyes. Keep away from the reach of children.

The gel is made in a GMP registered factory in the EU.


Store this product away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Good To Know

According to the world anti doping code, the use of CBD (cannabidiol) by
athletes is no longer prohibited.


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0% THC Warming Muscle Relief Gel With CBD
0% THC Warming Muscle Relief Gel With CBD