The forms of CBD that can be swallowed include Powder, CBD capsules,  Tonics and Oil.

How CBD reaches to the target cells in the body after swallowing: Once CBD is ingested, it flows and is absorbed through the digestive tract that runs from the mouth, down the oesophagus to the stomach and the intestines.

The time is taken to achieve maximum absorption: Swallowing provides a relaxed and directly-active path for the absorption of CBD into the bloodstream to take place.

The saturation levels of CBD in the body is realized anytime between 1 and 6 hours after oral intake. For this reason, oral ingestion of CBD provides the best route for long-term diet supplementation.

Other important notes About Capsules

Effect of Food. Food accelerates the rate of absorption of CBD into the bloodstream. This is because the cannabinoids in the CBD dissolve in the fatty foods and more CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream as food nutrients are also absorbed. In fact, consuming food together with CBD increases the absorption rate of the CBD into the bloodstream up to 3 times. This is the reason why Foria Basics comprises MCT coconut oil.

Mind the THC. This is an important consideration for people who are sensitive to the THC existing in the CBD if we are talking about a “full-spectrum CBD.”

Swallowed CBD will first be broken down in the liver before being circulated throughout the body together with THC which is the cause of the “highness”. There are many people who do not experience this “highness” because the CBD neutralizes the effect. However, if your body is affected by THC levels then you might want to consider using hemp instead of CBD.

Interaction with prescription drugs: There is a high likelihood for CBD through the action of cytochrome p450 to inhibit the breakdown of some drugs in the liver. The concentration of cytochrome p450 is maximum in the liver and ingested CBD is more likely to cause drug interference compared to when CBD is smoked/inhaled.

Absorption in the mouth: We have focused on absorption along the digestive tract, nevertheless, a lot of absorption of CBD happened in the mouth. Noteworthy, the longer the time taken while the CBD sits in the mouth without swallowing immediately, the higher the rate of absorption.