What sort of Cannabidiol Capsules are available – we take a closer look.

1. CBD Softgel Capsules
Softgel CBD capsules and edibles are some of the most preferred over-the-counter medicines today. The softgel material is formed when the gelatin is mixed with sorbitol/glycerin providing a protective cover for the contents inside. These capsules are popular with Gas-X or Phazyme (for gas relief) omega oil fish supplements. One of the advantages of softgel capsules is the fact that they are tasteless, masking the taste of contents inside. The taste only surfaces should one bite or chew the capsule releasing the contents inside.

Softgel capsules are, however, more expensive to manufacture. This fact alone makes these capsules more expensive than standard capsules. Much of the money (cost) goes to the time-consuming and complicated manufacturing process. While softgel capsules may seem similar to the standard Cannabidiol capsules, they sure aren’t. This is because:

a. Softgel capsules take much longer to manufacture, making them more expensive.
b. Softgel capsules have a smoother texture hence easier to swallow. Many consumers today prefer softgels to standard capsules.
c. Softgels have a longer shelf life, all thanks to the air-tight sealed form.
d. They are more effective in vitamin retention, mostly with oils and vitamin supplements.
e. Softgel capsules are tasteless. The gelatin material reduces the risk of leakage significantly.
f. Softgels are a better option for non-water-soluble liquids, e.g. Cannabidiol.
g. The gelatin material is good for your health. It is known to promote improved digestive health, cognitive functions, and regulation of hormones.

2. Vegan Capsules Vs Non-Vegan Capsules
Gelatin, as you might know, is sourced from animal sources, including pork, chicken, and beef. This makes it unfavorable for persons with various dietary requirements/restriction, including cultural, lifestyle, and religious beliefs. Gelatin is mostly obtained from the skin, whereas hard-shelled capsules are made from a blend of bone and pork skin. This makes it hard to break open but easy for digestive juices in the stomach to dissolve the hard coating away, thus releasing the contents inside.

Since vegans might not be able to take the softgel capsules, they can still enjoy the benefits of CBD using vegan and vegetarian Cannabidiol capsules. These capsules are readily available in local supplement and CBD shops all over. All you need is to identify brands that deal with the same and choose the best from the list. You could also buy vegan Cannabidiol capsules online too. You only need to find a credible and trusted supplier to source your supplies from.

Cellulose is one of the most commonly used, and preferred, raw materials used for manufacturing vegan capsules. This is because cellulose is non-toxic and presumably the best choice for vegan capsules. You might, however, want to check the ingredients used on various vegan Cannabidiol capsules before making an order. Some manufacturers may use other materials for their vegan capsules, hence worth checking. There are numerous other benefits.

3. Synthetic Vegan Alternatives
Many people today are making the switch from animal-based products for lifestyle or dietary needs. This has seen researchers look into ways to produce synthetic alternatives for various products, Cannabidiol capsules included. Researchers have since 2011 been looking into ways of replicating organic collagen structure in an attempt to make synthetic capsules. These researchers use self-assembling peptides to make this happen. If this works, vegans will have more options to choose from and especially when taking medications in capsules, as well as Cannabidiol Synthetic capsules will thus be safe for all to use, vegans and non-vegans.

While there may be safe options for Cannabidiol capsules, researchers still believe gelatin is more beneficial when compared to all other materials used. This is because gelatin comes in handy in promoting joint health and wellness, and especially for individuals recovering from conditions such as arthritis, broken limps, etc. There’s thus minimal difference when you consume vegan  and not the regular capsules. The only difference is vegan capsules are made of a raw material obtained from plants, whereas regular capsules are made from the standard material. Softgel capsules are thus, considered, much better if aiming at improving your health. You can find out more about this, and how to choose capsule softgels.