What is CBD/Cannabis Oil Used For?

What is CBD/Cannabis Oil Used For?

What is CBD/Cannabis oil used for? It’s a question many now ask since the world of supplemental medicine has been rocked in recent years, by the derivatives of the Cannabis plant. When it was proven that the compounds that make up the plant could be separated, psychoactive (THC) into non-psychoactive (CBD), a variety of uses for this wonder-plant have sprung up. CBD has become useful across a myriad of products, all of which have a background in improving the quality of life of all those who take it.

CBD is used to treat depression, moderate anxiety, eradicate skin conditions, soothe sprains – and many more different applications. Research is still needed into many of the areas which it has been claimed useful – but in equally as many areas it has shown to potentially be a scientifically valid treatment. Two fantastic examples of this are in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease and the treatment of Epilepsy, particularly in children.

What is CBD, Anyway?

Let’s break it down for all those who are new to the discussion. CBD is short for Cannabidiol. This is one of over 100 compounds that come together to make a hemp or cannabis plant (they are both the same species). In most cases, CBD is extracted from the Hemp plant, particularly in the Ireland and for lawful reasons and can be consumed as a cream, capsule or gummy.

CBD lacks the molecules found in Cannabis that makes you feel stoned or high. It is similar to an essential oil, in that the smell, terpenes, taste, and nutritional benefits, of the cannabis species of plant are captured. This condensed essence of hemp/cannabis contains all of the goodness and none of the bad bits. It means we can take it as a supplement without fear of harm.

Why is CBD Could be Good for You?

Your brain and body have an endocannabinoid system. As science points out, we have CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brains and bodies respectively. These take the CBD molecules and turn them into substances our bodies need to thrive. The fact that our bodies have these receptors to begin with, means that we evolved with cannabis as part of our natural diet.

Imagine if someone told you all your life that kale was bad for you. Then one day scientists discovered that it’s actually a superfood… that’s where we are right now with regards to CBD.

What is CBD/Cannabis Oil Good For? (Some of) The Uses for CBD

Now that we are all on the same Cannabis species page, let’s talk about possible health benefits… and other uses for this oil.

1 – CBD Is Used for Treating Specific Diseases

We already mentioned that there is ongoing research in the epilepsy and the Alzheimer’s disease front, but did you know that CBD may help you deal with some of the symptoms of cancer? If you are prone to nausea after radiation or chemotherapy treatments, CBD is capable of helping your moderate the sickness. There is progress being made in this field every day, with MS, Parkinson’s Disease, and strokes all up there ready to be studied.

Why? CBD may have neuroprotective qualities. On a considerably basic level in helps the brain fight brain diseases. We’re not entirely sure about how it does this as of yet, but studies will eventually get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, CBD will continue to be experimented on and anyone with a brain condition can try supplementing with it and see if it helps.

2 – CBD May Ease Swelling and Pain

Since CBD is such a powerful anti-inflammatory, it is only reasonable that we have been putting it into topical creams for a while now. It is thought to have the healing properties needed to help a swollen muscle, ligament, or tendon, to heal. One study found that it was anti-inflammatory and antioxidative, and that one may be responsible for the other. Oxidative stress is caused by the overproduction of a compound known as ROS. This compound is produced to help the immune system repair tissue damage. This element causes several side effects, one of which is the onset of oxidative stress. This stress can be treated with CBD, therefore possibly putting your body back in the healthy zone.

3 – CBD Is Used for the Treatment of Skin Problems

Since it is anti-inflammatory, it is great for a clear complexion – especially the case for creams. There is method to the beauty-products-CBD-craze madness… It has shown itself capable of handling acne if you are plagued with spots.

4 – CBD and Mental Illness

So far, studies into CBD and mental illness have proven efficacy of the oil in fighting certain things. Anxiety may be eased with a CBD supplement taken over time, although as always, we would advise caution. Interactions with other drugs have yet to be fully studied, so do not try to replace your prescription medication with CBD. Medicinal trials have so far proven that CBD may have an anti-depressant, anxiolytic effect on the human body. Those neuroprotective properties come into play again in this case.

5 – CBD Is Used as an Anti-Insomniac

CBD won’t send you instantly to sleep, but relieving that oxidative stress extends into all areas of your life. You will be less prone to high stress periods; you will be better equipped to handle uncomfortable situations without feeling overwhelmed. Taken on a regular basis, it has been shown it may sleep more attainable, even for the worst insomniac. It’s almost as good as lavender.

6 – CBD Is Used for Quitting Addictions

We mentioned above that you shouldn’t use CBD as a replacement for medication. However, if you have been on an anti-depressant med for a long time and your doctor is easing you off it, CBD may help you sleep and fight the cravings. It has been especially noted as an aid for those who are quitting smoking. Vaping a little a few times a week replaces the need for cigarettes by around 40%, according to scientists.

7 – CBD Regulates Appetite

This one is in the process of being conclusively proven, but we know CBD impacts appetite. In the old way of Cannabis making you hungry, CBD can be used to better enjoy foods, regulate a negative eating pattern, and help you monitor your weight better. It gives you nutrition you don’t otherwise get, so although more research is needed, initial findings are positive.

The List Goes On…

The uses of CBD are many and varied, but all are focused at being good for your health and wellbeing. Try some of our CBD  for yourself today and see how you benefit… if nothing else, it’s a great way to relieve that oxidative stress.


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