Travelling With CBD: Guidelines and Considerations For Carrying CBD Products Within and Outside Ireland.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a very naturally occurring substance found in cannabis, and its products like oils, tinctures, and gummies, generally contain negligible amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. While many people, even you may find CBD beneficial for various reasons, travelling with it can present some big challenges.

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If you’re thinking about travelling with CBD, these are some points to keep in mind and help you on your journey:

  • Make sure to know the THC content: CBD products should generally contain content not more than 0.3%, THC on a dry weight basis to be allowed in many places, including the U.S. based on TSA guidelines as of January 2020.
  • Liquids on Planes: If you are carrying CBD oil, ensure it is well within the legal fluid limits for aeroplane travel. In the same way, if you’re carrying CBD cream, make sure it is in a travel-sized container or bag.
  • International Considerations: Every country has their own rules about CBD. For instance, Canada legalized CBD in 2018, but travellers cannot bring CBD into Canada even for personal use, you can imagine that. So always research and try to know the laws of the country you are travelling to, in regards to their CBD before you travel.
  • Packaging and Documentation: In order to avoid any legal complications that may come up, always keep CBD in its original packaging, which usually indicates its THC content. If it is possible, also keep the receipt or any other documentation that proves its legal purchase close to you.
  • Stay Informed: Regulations can always change, so always stay and keep yourself updated on the latest guidelines and restrictions that are related to CBD, both within Ireland and other countries.

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To summarize, when travelling with CBD within Ireland and internationally, it is very crucial to always remain cautious and well-informed. Always pay attention and adhere to regulations and always remember that while CBD is legal in some places, it may be illegal or restricted in other places. Safe travels!