Can you Treat Anxiety using Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Everyone around the world right now, seems to be arguing about whether or not you can treat anxiety with CBD oil. Across the globe, users of this health supplement have been claiming it has helped change their lives for the better… and we don’t disagree!

What we want to look at specifically is if this claim is true. CBD oil has been cited as a miracle supplement, capable of curing a myriad of ailments… but the wide range of issues it can treat has been used as a reason to doubt its efficacy. For this purpose and this purpose alone, we wanted to review the truth of the matter.

What are the scientific facts about treating anxiety with CBD oil? Is it possible? Join us as we go on an exploration of Cannabidiol to find out.

Scientific Studies into CBD as an Anxiety Moderating Supplement

We know through countless studies that CBD is neuroprotective, which is why it is being used in the treatment of both epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease. This means that it helps to promote healthy functioning of the human brain. It is these same properties that scientists are currently exploring, leading to the belief that CBD works to treat anxiety in much the same way. The human body contains an endocannabinoid system, which is a way to process CBD and extract vital nutrients that benefit the central nervous system. You can learn more about the endocannabinoid system, here.

Studies into CBD

Recent studies have further developed the idea that CBD and anxiety treatments go hand in hand. One such study found that Cannabidiol could be used to minimise the symptoms of anxiety that had been brought on by other health problems. For example, CBD was effective in treating disorders such as PTSD, SAD, and OCD, since it helped moderate the amount of anxiety produced as a result. This is huge news – not least because anti-depressant and anti-psychotic medication often comes with side effects which include – you guessed it – anxiety.

Another similar scientific paper was published only last year. In it, scientists provided a more detailed study into the effects of CBD specifically on anxiety. Once again, this paper confirmed what we already knew… That CBD not only helps minimise the symptoms of anxious people – but also that it is easier on the nervous system than a great deal of over-the-counter chemical cures.

As a direct result of these findings, more work was done to explore the efficacy of CBD as a treatment for other mental health problems, such as PTSD. For a third time, treatment proved to be invaluable because it had a similar effect to mental health medications but still retained the lesser impact on the immune system overall.

Should I replace my medication with CBD?

Just to be clear: we are not suggesting that you ditch the meds by any stretch of the imagination. We are saying that CBD oil could be used as an actively helpful supplement to reduce the level of anxiety in clinically diagnosed patients. We want to be extremely clear on this. If you have been prescribed a medication by a doctor, take it.

There is also a frequent reliance on the phrase “more studies need to be done”. The evidence for CBD as an anxiety treatment is clear on the page and mounting all the time. There seems to be a disbelief among some of the public that stems from the fact that CBD is an extract of the marijuana plant. Don’t fall victim to this mindset. Yes, it is an extract from Marijuana, but it is also an extract from the Hemp plant, which is where most EU based CBD oils come from.

That being said, the number of studies completed by comparison to the number of studies on tried and tested medications, is still low. At the end of the day, studies may show it is helpful to take CBD for anxiety (or even social anxiety) but that doesn’t mean we should all throw out our anti-depressants. CBD is neuroprotective but it can’t replace the need for medical advice.

Marijuana and Paranoia – A Well-Known Duo

Let’s talk about that point we mentioned earlier; that people will naturally flock away from CBD oil simply because of the association with Cannabis. The classic argument against CBD in anxiety treatment – that Cannabis smokers often panic out of paranoia. How can something possibly be good for treating anxiety if it makes you paranoid?

Is CBD the same as marijuana?

It’s a perfectly valid question with a perfectly simple answer. CBD is not marijuana. It is derived from the same sources sometimes, but it is missing the psychoactive components which make marijuana paranoia inducing. If you remove the psychoactive THC from the plant, you remove this threat. What you are left with is actually neuroprotective rather than something likely to trigger a panic attack!

Since panic attacks and anxiety result from the THC in marijuana rather than the CBD supplement we know and love. Isolating each compound is an effective way to get all the goodness from the Cannabis or Hemp plant. Nobody really knows why there is a different reaction caused by the two compounds, but most scientists will point towards the endocannabinoid system in the human body and note that the two sides of Cannabis are processed in vastly different ways.

The endocannabinoid system processes the CBD and the THC in two different ways. One promotes the ‘high’ effect (the THC) and the other promotes the calm effect. Both taken together will balance the other out. The way the system works on the Central Nervous System, the two compounds will complement each other and act as a sort of medicine. Isolated, the CBD gives you the positive feelings from marijuana without all the ‘high’ psychoactive elements.

Unfortunately, all of this leads to a further issue. The Irish government have yet to issue dosage instructions that will act as a guideline. This lack of real supplementation guidelines means that every manufacturer of CBD oil in Ireland uses a different set of dose instructions. What does this mean to the consumer? Overall confusion.

I’m Anxious and I Want to Try CBD Oil…

This is becoming the age-old question among CBD supplement enthusiasts around the globe. Although the oil can be taken straight, it is often added to other products to make supplementation easier. If you don’t like the taste you can have it in gummy form. If you need a massage oil to apply directly to the point of pain – this is also possible. Each method carries different doses and instructions on how to take it, further compounding an already confusing problem.

CBD supplementation is subjective, in this manner. You may use a topical cream continually and not get the same effect as you would get from a single pump of the spray. The method of application matters almost as much as how much you take.

What’s the Best Way to Take CBD?

The best method – to give an optimal dose – is to take the oil via dropper applied directly under the tongue. This sublingual method allows the oil to go through the skin where the cell walls are weakest, thereby bypassing the digestive system and going straight into the bloodstream. When taken this way, purposefully do not swallow for 30 seconds to allow it to transfer.

There are two types of CBD oil commonly used to supplement. One is an isolate, which contains 100% CBD and nothing else. The other is a full spectrum CBD oil, which contain a few other compounds that help the CBD to work. Both are effective, although the full spectrum CBD oil is said to be the best in Ireland

Types of CBD Products for Anxiety Sufferers

Some of the greatest CBD oils for anxiety in the UK exist within other products. cannabidiol gummies are a great option for those who don’t like the taste of the oil. The sprays disperse droplets so small in your mouth that the substance is absorbed straight into the bloodstream – while a CBD cream or topical balm can be rubbed into the skin as needed. CBD oil comes in capsules or caplets, as an oil with a dropper, and even in tablet form.

How Much CBD To Take?

Next, we need to work out exactly how much of that CBD oil you should take. This is also a little subjective and comes with a lack of official guidelines. What we do know, however, is that it will build up in your system over time. Your own size and weight are causally related to the amount of CBD that you can manage.

The best advice we can give you is that topical creams and balms can be used up to 6 times a day to preserve their effect. Sprays and oils should be used much more sparingly, starting around 3 mg, and gradually increasing your CBD oil dosage for anxiety as you go. When you get to a point where you are no longer feeling additional benefit from increasing your daily intake, you should stay at this dose. This usually equates to four or five drops of the full spectrum oil, every day. If you start at this point, you won’t notice and may just find you are wasting oil.

Other things to look out for in your CBD oil supplier are:

  • The hemp or Cannabis it was taken from is a legal and registered supplier
  • That the oil is processed as little as possible
  • That the CBD has no additives
  • That it has not been taken from far away lands and imported – thus causing unnecessary air miles
  • That it has less than .02% THC, otherwise it may be illegal!
  • That your CBD has been lab tested, wherever this is possible

All of these things contribute to an ethically grown Hemp crop, that has been harvested right here in the UK. If your supplier can promise you those things, you are on to a winner!

How Long Will It Be Before The CBD Starts to Work?

When you start taking CBD oil for anxiety or mental health issues, it can seem like it is taking forever to work. Hang on in there. The changes in your mindset will be subtle but impactful, they will work over time to soothe the same parts of the brain that anxiety is triggered from. In addition, how long your product takes to have an impact depends on what exactly you are using. The cream will work from the moment it is applied, while the oil can take a while to get built up in your system and do its job… especially if you forget to take it sublingually and swallow it.

If you keep up a regular dose every day, the answer is that you will eventually notice that your anxiety has lessened. It won’t be overnight – but it will happen. The studies are positive, the trials are ongoing, and so far, the outlook for the future of CBD oil is entirely pleasant. What scientists do need right now, is enough time to conclusively prove exactly what effect dosage has on the endocannabinoid system. When more studies have been completed, we will finally get to the bottom of why it works the way it does.

What is the best cannabidiol for me?

In the meantime, the best CBD oil in Ireland is yours for the taking. It will be the product you prefer, whether that be by vape or by oil dropper in your tea. The best oil for you will work to subtly soothe your symptoms of anxiety. However, you will still need to go to therapy to get to the root source of the problem. Let’s not forget the basics, either. CBD is an excellent supplement but should not be used to replace your medication. Be sensible about this. The more tools you have at your disposal to fight back against overwhelming anxiety: the better off you will be.

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