CBD Supplements – The Pros and Cons

hen you first start using CBD supplements it can be hard to decide the best method of taking that daily dose. Cannabidiol and capsules both have their benefits and their drawbacks, yet they are both the beginner’s choice in CBD use. A capsule is much like any other supplement, while the oil is the most widely available product on the market.

We thought it would be wise to list the benefits of each in full, so you can easily choose between Cannabidiol Vs capsules.

CBD Supplements for People

Capsules or Oil? Examining the Evidence – Which CBD Supplement to Choose?

We will now look at the pros and cons of both the capsules and the oil, to discuss your options in CBD supplementation.

Cannabidiol CBD Supplements

Cannabidiol is huge at the moment, so it’s no wonder that you have been drawn to this method of supplementation. There are two main types of Cannabidiol, one is full spectrum and the other is isolated CBD. As the title suggests, isolate only includes the CBD compounds out of the hemp/cannabis plants. Full spectrum oil contains a few other compounds. So it can contain strong smelling and tasting terpenes, rather like an essential oil.

When you use full spectrum Cannabidiol you get the benefits of these other compounds – but keep in mind that it will always contain less than 0.2% THC, which is the compound that makes you high. Cannabidiols are not psychoactive and will not affect your mind in anything other than the proven neuroprotective ways that have made it so useful in treating childhood epilepsy.

Cannabidiols should be taken by placing a few drops under the tongue. If you are a small person who is new to CBD, one to two drops a day will be sufficient. If you are larger or have been taking it for a while, up to 5-6 drops will be fine. The dosage can also be affected by the metabolic rate of the person taking it, and their experience. If you have taken CBD before, for example, you can endure a higher dose. Here is a good guide on the CBD dosage to take.

Pros of Cannabidiol:

  • it has higher bioavailability.
  • It has a strong flavour, which can be a con if you don’t like it.
  • It is easier to add to food or drink.

Cons of Cannabidiol:

  • You might not like either the taste or the oily residue when taken sublingually.
  • It’s harder to transport in case the bottle leaks.
  • There is an issue with regulating the volume of dosage you are taking.

Cannabidiol Capsules CBD Supplements

On the other hand, a Cannabidiol capsule comes with direct instructions on dosage. Lots of people prefer them for this reason alone. They are rather like a regular aspirin capsule, so you could put them alongside any daily medications you take so you remember your daily CBD dose, too. This ease of dosage also works to make them more portable than the oil is. Since the oils come with a dropper, they can leak out during travel.

It isn’t all good news, however. Some capsules aren’t vegan friendly so always check if this applies to you. In addition, since the capsule will pass through your stomach acid and intestines, you will lose some of the initial benefit. In short,  capsules are less bioavailable than the oils are.

That being said, the dosage is clearly indicated, and they are easier to carry around with you. Another plus for some is the lack of taste and smell. They don’t leave behind a texture, either. Many people prefer the capsules simply because of the ease of use. As a society, we are already familiar with taking medication in capsule or tablet form, so it adds familiarity. Again, this might be both a plus and a minus, depending on who you ask.

Pros of Cannabidiol Capsules:

  • They are easy to carry around with you.
  • You have the reassurance of taking the same amount each day.
  • They have no residue or taste.

Cons of Cannabidiol Capsules:

  • You might mistake them for your medication.
  • They have less bioavailability because they go through the digestive system.
  • Some people struggle to swallow capsules.

Which CBD Supplement Method is Best for you?

Ultimately, which supplement you choose will come down to what feels most natural to you. Don’t forget that there are other choices out there, too. For example, if you are treating a sprain or muscular injury, we might suggest you try a CBD massage oil that can be applied to the point of the issue, instead.

CBD comes in all shapes and sizes nowadays, so take your time to figure out what you want. All we can advise is that you find something that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. After all, CBD is here to help our well-being… not to test us.

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