CBD Capsules Ireland

There are different ways to take CBD, many of which have been devised because many people don’t enjoy the taste cannabis oil leaves in the mouth. Whether it is a dislike for that oily residue, or the terpenes that give CBD its wholesome flavour, doesn’t really matter. If you don’t like the oil, you don’t like the oil. You don’t need to explain yourself… but have you considered our CBD capsules.

CBD capsules produced by our expert team here at CBD Oil Ireland are high quality, come in different strength levels (10mg or 50mg), and are capable of unleashing those CBD health benefits to your body. Let’s take a closer look at CBD capsules.

Advantages Of CBD Capsules

Although researchers are yet to wrap their minds on how CBD works, many people don’t know what the correct dosage for the same is. The oil itself can also be quite tricky to handle. It is for this reason capsules were developed to help manage dosage and delivery. Some of the benefits of using CBD capsules include:

Easy and Manageable Dosage

Each capsule contains a specific dosage. This makes it easier to track your dosage and especially when taking it to treat a condition.

Easy to use and Carry

A CBD capsule pack is much easier to take with you as compared to bottles. The capsules also won’t create unnecessary attention; hence can be taken on the go.

It's Easy to add to Your Routine

CBD capsules are easier to incorporate in your routine. You don’t have to measure your dosage, but pop and swallow makes it a preferred option for many.

It Offers Convenience

No preparation is required when taking CBD capsules. You can thus take them anytime, anywhere, and never miss your dose.

No Taste

The capsule helps mask the cannabidiol taste.  Anyone that doesn’t find the taste of pure cannabidiol can thus take advantage of the capsules.

FAQ About Buying CBD Capsules in Ireland

Most frequent questions and answers regarding CBD capsules

How CBD Capsules Interact With Your Body

When you take a CBD product such as a CBD capsule, it is much more like taking prescription medication than it is taking a supplement. A lot like a cod liver oil, CBD Oil is enclosed in a fully vegan capsule. This CBD capsule is swallowed, dissolves during the digestive process, and allows the CBD oil to diffuse through the stomach lining into your system. It’s a great CBD product for those that don’t like the taste of oil.

A Daily Dose of CBD 

It’s a more round-a-bout way of getting your daily dose of CBD oil, but it has its benefits.

What are the Benefits of CBD Capsules Over CBD Oil?

CBD capsule taking has many benefits, most of which centre around the method of taking it. For example:

  • It bypasses the oily residue and taste of  cannabidiol CBD – either full spectrum or isolate.
  • It negates the time spent on vaping, or the money spent on vaping products.
  • They are more portable than a vape or CBD oils.
  • There is no smoke.
  • You can accurately keep track of how much organic CBD you are using. Something you can also do with CBD oils
  • They give you all the health benefits of  cannabidiol CBD products, including better skin, a soothed temperament, and better bodily health all-round.
  • Our premium quality capsules are non-gelatine and are vegan friendly… Which brings us to our next CBD capsule FAQ…

CBD Capsules, Gels, or CBD Tablets?

CBD capsules tend to be solid although they are becoming rarer than they once were. Capsules are a more convenient way to take the CBD oil as it doesn’t’ have to be processed into tablet form. The CBD products like CBD capsules we sell are from our UK-based supplier, are totally vegan friendly, gluten free and come with lab tested strength and purity.

When you choose a soft gel CBD products like an edible gummy or other type of CBD softy, you run the risk of it containing animal products. 

Don’t CBD Capsules make you High?

No! The CBD in CBD products is the healthy compound produced by the cannabis species of plant, but it has little-to-no THC. THC is the part that makes you feel high. Here in the UK, you can only sell oil that has less than 0.2% THC in it, and it will only ever be included in a full spectrum CBD, since isolated is pure CBD and nothing else – this is the case for all our quality CBD products.

CBD Capsule Dosage – How Much Should You Take?

Finally, the dosage of CBD capsules should be written on the bottle. As we mentioned above, we sell 10 mg and 50 mg capsules, one to be taken twice daily. If you experience adverse symptoms like nausea or an upset stomach, simply discontinue use. If you are just starting out, take two of the 10 mg daily, if you are used to this, take the 50 mg twice daily. First thing in the morning and last thing at night seem to be the best times to take your CBD capsules.

Where can I buy CBD products and CBD capsules?

Don’t forget you can buy high quality CBD products like CBD capsules online, right from our online store. Contact us if you have any other questions. Until then, we wish you all the health and wellness that CBD enlightenment brings.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil - What is the Difference?

People get Hemp and CBD oil confused quite often – what’s the difference between both?

Hemp is a genetic variant and a subtype of the ‘cannabis sativa’ plant.

The drug cannabis and the industrial hemp are both derived from cannabis sativa and both of these substances contain the psychotropic compound tetrahydrocannabinol or THC as it is commonly denoted.

Notwithstanding this similarity, cannabis and hemp are completely different species of cannabis sativa and their uses are also different.

What is Cannabis and Why is it Different from Other Oils?

Cannabis has high concentration levels of THC compared to that hemp. Also, with hemp, the concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) is high while that of THC is very low. Consequently, the hemp or the cannabidiol (CBD) in the hemp will cause almost zero psychoactivity in human beings.

The origin of the hemp can be traced back to thousands of years in Asia and the Middle East and the US regions. In the US, for instance, hemp was used in the production of uniforms, rope and canvas for soldiers during the World War II.

Now in modern times, hemp has been used in a variety of ways such as in the manufacture of commercial and industrial goods such as paper, clothing, ropes and biofuels. Additionally, some for of hemp seeds are edible when they are raw and can also be used to make hemp milk and other beverages; hemp seeds are also used for baking and the production of shampoo oil, soap and body creams.

In the USA, the 2018 Farm bill made it possible for farmers to acquire licenses to grow and get insurance cover for commercial production of hemp. This bill transformed hemp from being a controlled substance to a cultivatable product for the willing farmers.

How is cannabidiol (CBD) related to hemp?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is produced from hemp. Cannabidiol (CBD), also called ‘cannabinoids’, is obtained from the cannabis sativa plant. Not the same as the hemp plant.

The difference between Cannabidiol (CBD) and THC is that whereas THC is psychoactive in nature, Cannabidiol (CBD) does not cause a feeling of “high” to the user.

Cannabidiol Availability

Cannabidiol (CBD) is available in different forms for human use. Some forms of Cannabidiol (CBD) are edible while other forms can be smoked or rubbed on human skin like body lotion. As an illustration, once Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from the cannabis plant, it is then mixed with a ready solvent and diluted with coconut oil or hemp seed oil.


While both hemp oil and CBD oil are obtained from the cannabis plant, CBD is derived from the flower, leaves and stems part of the plant while hemp seed oil is developed from the seeds of the hemp plant.

Also, hemp seed and CBD oil like that found in our CBD capsules or other CBD products are not likely to cause a feeling of highness since the concentration levels of THC in both oils (and all our CBD products) is very small.

In as much as there is limited research done on both Cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp seed oil, both products have proved to have many health benefits to the user. So, if you’re interested try our CBD capsules.